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Device configration Error . INvalid license info

Level 6

We are trying to install Netbackup 5.1 on Windows 2003 Std Edition.
Installation goes through but when we try to use the Device COnfiguration wizard to configure the tape device we we get error as " Invalid License Info in device_mapping file"

Tried downloading the latest Device_Mapping file but of no Use.

MS event viewer gives Application error as Faulting Module for LTID.exe and tpautoconfig.exe

Have anybody faced this issue before. Symactec support adviced to format the system and try again...But again that also didn't work :(

Any pointers highly appreciated.........

Thanks & Regards,

Level 3
are you using a shard storage option?

Level 6
No We are not using SSO

It is plane master server

Level 6
I have had this problem with the device mapping file downloaded from veritas as it seems that even the windows version has unix line breaks.
What I usually do is open the file in wordpad and copy and paste it into notepad and save it, this will conver it to windows line breaks and then it might work for you. ALso, did you copy the Device_mapping to all media servers?

Level 6
Tried your finding but didnt work...still the error comes...

Also the Application Log shows faulting Module error for tpautoconfig.exe and ltid.exe

Also the Device Manager is also not starting. it starts and then it stops.

Level 6
Device manager sees the drives OK?
Have the latest drivers?