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Exchange GRT from incremental backup

Level 6

Hi guys,

I hope you can help with a question related to this topic. I know we cant restore a single item from incremental backup but my question is why Netbackup doesn't offer this feature? we are being compared to other software and the exchange size is almost 2TB we can't afford a full backup every day.

Does anyone know if this will be possible soon?


Level 6

This is a question to put to Product Management.

I would have to be convinced of the need. In asking for the feature, you would have to address the following points:

- Exchange performance replaying transaction logs to recover a database is awful. I have been told that because of this most customers don't use incremental backups. (This goes back to before the GRT feature even existed, but it still seems true today.)

- Many customers deploy Exchange on VMs. If you use VMware backups to protect Exchange, Accelerator is a better way to reduce the size of your images and the data transfer volume than incrementals.

- Even without Accelerator, many customers use deduplication to reduce the size of their backups.

- The NetBackup Exchange agent applies to on-premises databases. Is there a continuing and expanding market for this?