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Feedback After Upgrade to 8.1

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Looking for any feedback from those who may have upgraded to 8.1. Any issues, posities or anything at all would be great. I have been getting mixed feedback from other sources so I wanted to see what folks may think here. Would be great if anyone running larger environments had any feedback...over 1PB of data and over 2k clients ideally. Thank you.


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BMR in 8.1 is broken due to the security certificates deployed. The code that should handle the security certificates during BMR did not get shipped with 8.1

what about backup images that lie on the disk for a long time pending duplication, will it also get deleted after a few days just like in 7.7.3 ? documentation wise, i hope it is now clearly mentioned regaring BIDFILES.

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It seems you are still missing the fuction of the SLP bidfiles.

It DOES NOT delete the images from disk. The bidfile deletion simply causes the SLP duplication job to timeout and fail if it has been in the queue for more than 3 days. 
The failed SLP job then goes to the back of the queue. 
If memory serves me right, you posted about 4 related discussions where all of this was explained.
There is really no point in re-visiting this in a 8.1 discussion. 

'What's new' in 8.1 can be found over here:

What's new doesn't answer the question...A) I am aware and B) I am looking for hands on actual experience type feedback. Not what Veritas says it can do as real world experience can vary significantly.

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My reply above was actually directed at @manatee in reply to his post.

Apologies for these 'off topic ' posts.

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We just upgraded to NetBackup 8.1 last week.  We are having trouble with MSDP jobs failing with status 83/84 (media open/write failure).  We have a support case open and are working through the issues.  It appears that many of our timeout values were lost, so I would recommend taking note of any custom values before update.  Updating the timeout values helped, but we are still seeing intermittent failures.  We moved some jobs to AdvancedDisk, which does not seem to be impacted.

Edit: Running NBU 8.1 on RHEL 6.x, and the corresponding Appliance Version 3.1 on 5230/5240 Appliances.  And the Appliance jobs are the ones that are having trouble, and where we lost timeout values.

We are running 8.0 on a Solaris 10 and RHEL 6 master server as well. One is prod and the other is DR. We are migrating both over to 5240 master servers in the near future. We have RHEL 6 build your own MSDP servers that are not seeing any issues at all, but our 5330 MSDP server is having issues with accelerator and virtual backups. We are seeing really bad slowness to complete and jobs are basically just hanging. Definitely some issues in 8.x it would seem. I think we will be staying away from 8.1. Hopefully they start getting some of this stuff fixed as it sounds like 8.2 is a ways off. I was really hoping that based on conversations at Vision their releases would start getting better, but that doesn't seem to be the case.


i read, well actually scanned, the release notes looking for a specific keyword: RMAN

my problems with NBU and RMAN have always been alternate restores where support would say that the destination must have the same username and groupname as the source. but in our experience, it doesn't need to. that was our first problem with alternate restores and one that is not related to RMAN.

second problem is when i disabled "Allow Restore" from the GUI console and i enabled it again, i have to go to the CLI to force an "Allow Restore" using

./bpclient -client <client name> -list_restore 1 -update

to do it.

those are the topmost problem we're facing and yes i should have forwarded those to our local Veritas rep but they are useless. that's why i post here.


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Make sure:

You understand certificates, in general and especially if you use Targeted AIR

Set Catalog Passphrase

Understand the BMR implication.

Be aware you are now the proud owner of a webservice too.

For appliances,

have at least 100 GB in config FS

Sanity reboot

13% free in MSDP



Have upgraded Windows boxes, a set of SFW clusters, appliances, multiple domains with just a few minor issues.



There is EEB avilible, Please check with Symantec on this..

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eeb for what exactly?

A list of downloads/eeb's can be found in the 8.1 LNB: