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Generic instance name in OIP

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I have the following problem when configuring OIPs. When registering the NetBackup instance it asks for the instance name (ORACLE_SID) which is unique for each node of the RAC. For example with a 2 node RAC, server1 and server2 whose GRID name is server-scan the name of the DB instance on server1 would be for example instance1 and on server2 it would be instance2 referring to the same GRID instance.
My question is, how can I register a single instance name for the GRID server-scan name and that the backup does not fail? If I configure the backup with the client name server-scan (GRID name) it only allows me to call the instance with the name of the server where instance1 (in case balance on server1) or instance2 (in case balance on server2) is balanced but a generic name of the instance for GRID, is there any way to configure it?



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If you want to use OIP, you can only target one instance/node. If you want to backup from both in load balanced manner, you need to use scripts.

From 8.2 guide.

The NetBackup for Oracle Template Wizard and Oracle Intelligent Policy both work
well for backing up Oracle database instances. They can be used to backup Oracle
RAC when only a single host name or client name is needed to affect the backup.
They cannot be used to backup Oracle RAC when more than one client name must
be used.

Hi Riaan,

Then the OIP are not compatible with Oracle RAC since in a RAC architecture the instances (ORACLE_SID) cannot be called the same and must have a different name in each node (intance1, instance2, ...).

Thanks for your reply and clarification,


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The OIP support for Oracle RAC is coming with next release. You'll be able to define scan name as a parameter.