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How to restore from vaulting tapes?

Level 2
We r using Netbackup Server 6.0 MP7
We have vaulting tapes & need to restore data from it. Can anyone halp us how to do that?

Thank you

Level 6
best to review Recovering Data in the Admin Guide

Information in this section assumes the following:

The primary backup images are unavailable.

The NetBackup master and media server software, Vault software, client software, and devices are installed and robots and drives are configured on systems to which you are recovering data.

The NetBackup catalogs and data media have not been recalled from off-site storage.

The Recovery Report is available.

You know the name of the off-site volume group name to which the recovered images belong.

You know the names of the original master and media servers.
▼ To recall media and restore backup images
Using the Recovery Report, identify the current catalog backup media and the media required to restore the data.
The Recovery Report is organized by policy, so you should determine which policies were used to back up the data you want to recover.
Recall the appropriate catalog backup and data media from off site storage.
Recover the catalog using one of the procedures in the “Recover the Catalog from an Online, Hot Backup” section of the NetBackup Troubleshooting Guide.
If necessary, perform device discovery in NetBackup.
By default, NetBackup catalog backups include the NetBackup device configuration information. If the recovery system has a different device configuration than the original system, the device configuration from the original system will overwrite the device configuration when the catalog is recovered.
If the master and media server names on the recovery system are different than the original system, change the server names in the NetBackup catalogs by using the bpimage command. The bpimage command and options required are as follows:
bpimage -newserver recovery_system -oldserver original_system
You can also use the bpimage command if the old system had separate media servers and the recovery system has a combined master and media server. Use the name of the combined master/media server for the argument to the -newserver option.
Change the images to be recovered to primary (NetBackup restores from the primary image).
To change a large number of images to primary, you can use bpchangeprimary -groupoption to specify all images in a specific off-site volume group. For information about the bpchangeprimary command, see the NetBackup Commands for UNIX or NetBackup Commands for Windows guide.
If the media is not suspended or frozen, suspend the media.
Use the bpmedia command to suspend the media. Suspending the media prevents NetBackup from writing backup images to that media.
If the NetBackup Administration Console is not running, start it.
Inject the media into the robot. For procedures, see “Injecting Media” on page 133.
Injecting the media moves it into the robot and also changes the off-site volume group attribute of the media to robotic volume group so NetBackup knows that the volumes are in the robot and ready for restore operations.
Using the Backup, Archive, and Restore interface, restore the data. For procedures, see the NetBackup Backup, Archive, and Restore Getting Started Guide.