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IP information missing after BMR restore

Level 6

Running 7.0.1, I am restoring a server using BMR.  The restore completes and when the system comes back online, all services are running and the system appears to be restored to working order.  However, the IP information is missing and the interface is instead using DHCP to get its address.  


When starting the BMR restore, I manually load from the SRT CD and enter the servers IP information and point it to the master to find the BMR task to perform the restore.  At this point everything works perfectly and the restore starts and completes with a status 0.  The system boots, but I must access the client from the console because it does not have its IP address assigned.

After assigning the IP, I can reach the system with RDP and life seems OK, however, I thought the whole point of BMR was to not need this extra step of updating the IP information and DNS.  Imagine restoring 400+ servers with BMR, only to still have to visit each individually to configure the IP.  

I was curious if anyone has any insight regarding my missing IP information.


To build a little more, we are also running a utility/application BGinfo that can populate certain system information and make it part of the wallpaper.  Instead of displaying the IP address after the restore, it simply displays "none" for the ip...This is obviously not right, so as a test, I manually ran another restore, overwriting system state and shadow copy components and when the system rebooted, the IP was once more displayed on the wallpaper.

About the only other test I was thinking about running was to change the IP and then restore system state and shadow copy components to see if it writes back the appropriate IP.  If needed, I can do this as it takes roughly 20 minutes for the 2 to restore.

So even while the BMR restore completes with a status 0, it is obvious something is still missing, requiring the manual restore of system state and shadow copy components.