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Internal Application Error when adding replication storage server

We have Netbackup 7.1 and SLP has been configured between Sites in houston and Dallas and when tired to add remote storage server in replication tab we getting the below error .

Internal Application error Please contact your administrator. cannot connect on socket .

RDSM has encountered and issue with an sts cobra expection :updatestorageserverconfig

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Verify forward and reverse

Verify forward and reverse hostname lookup in both directions.

Also verify firewall port access as per this article:


We have already verified the

We have already verified the forward and reverse lookup and it is working fine.and windows firewall is disabled

since backup is working is fine we should have all these ports opened on other hand we will also check with the security team.


we see that the duplication

we see that the duplication is taking is place but the catalog import on the remote site is not working.



I just noticed that this thread was still open...

If I understand you correctly, this is Duplication to a Remote Master (AIR)?

If this is the case, have you followed the steps on p. 487 (onwards) to add Replication Target in the Storage server properties?  ( )

Have you configured SLP on remote site to import images?


If this is not AIR, please share more info about your config.