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MSDP to Cloud Storage and NBCSSC Cloud Storage Server

Level 5

Good day all.

My environment:  Master Server: RHEL 5.9, v7.5.0.6, VM with 8 vCPUs and 32 GB ram.

Media Servers:  Physical Windows 2008 R2 Standard, v7.5.0.6, 64 bit, 16 cores, 32 GB ram,

I've been talking to Amazon about S3 and Glacier storage.  What I want to do is to connect Amazon's cloud storage directly (CIFS share, Cloud API's or other) to one of my Media Servers and create an MSDP from the share thus sending backup jobs to the deduplication pool.

I tried to use the Netbackup Cloud Wizard to create a Cloud Storage Server but got a message that NBCSSC was not running.  However, it is running.

What I need to know is will the Netbackup Cloud Storage Server enable me to attach a share as a drive letter to my Media Server so that I can use it to create my MSDP?  And if so, how do I make it work?  What's with the error I'm getting.  I don't get a chance to enter my Amazon credentials.

Thank you for any help you can provide;


Terry Shipman



Level 5

I rebooted my NBU console and the error in the last post went away so never mind that please.