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Minimising the number of NetBackup SQL policies

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Hi all

I am configuring a large environment and I would like to minimise the number of SQL backup policies. This is fairly simple with creating a AllDatabases.bch on the physical SQL servers and just referencing that bch file in the Backup Selections

However when I create backups for SQL Clusters I want to have a different bch file for each virtual cluster name.

Ideally I would like to use something like %backupclient%.bch in the backup selection but I cant find any documentation to say this is possible.

Has anyone done anything similar to this or minimised the number of policies in another way.





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Yes we've done it. For all nodes, have one set of scripts, copied to all nodes in case service addresses for the instances moves as part of cluster. Each set of scripts comprises one 'all dbs'  bch per  instance. Thats it. Simple.

Eg we have 3 nodes a,b,c and 3 instances say inst1, inst2,inst3.

All instances have several dbs, so theres a bch for 'all dbs' within each instance. Copied to all nodes that can run those dbs, modified accordingly. IIRC. The critical bit is the serivce addess of the instances: thats constant per instance, it can move from physical host to host in case of h/w failure.


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Can you post an example of the "all dbs" script and what you mean by the service address of the instance? I am also trying to create a script that can be used on any cluster and not dependant on the SQL instance name.


Thank you.