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NBU Data Migration from one SAN to another. Looking for feedback.

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I just opened a call with Symantec on a future move of our NBU data from one SAN to another.  Here is what I've presented (high level over view) to Symantec as my question:

We are currently running one Master, Win2008 R2, NBU, with five Media servers with the same.  For D2D backups we write to a NetApp storage solution running in 7-Mode.  The Master and Media servers have disks presented either as a locally attached LUN’s via iSCSI and or as a network share.  We will be performing a data migration from the current NetApp filer to new filers and disks ( 4 node cluster-mode OnTap 8.1.1).  Currently the Master runs NBU via a iSCSI LUN connection (this is the NBU install, catalog EMM, etc). 

I’d like to discuss the ramifications/challenges for this data migration and how to re-establish a sync with the moved NBU database (db, images, logs etc).  Maybe even see if there are any documented best practices in this regards.

Has anyone done anything like this or similar?  I would like the communities input on this.upgrade?



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...moved to the correct forum! You will get your questions answered here!