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NetBackup SRT creation fails with the following error.

Level 4

NBU boot server: RHEL 8.8
NBU Version: 8.1.2

The following is the error it gives:
Enter the path of first CD/DVD of desired Red Hat | Oracle | CentOS Enterprise Linux Server operating system level . The supported versions are ()

Please load the media now.

Load media from (? for help) [/dev/cdrom] : /iso/rhel-8.8-x86_64-dvd.iso
Mounting media ... ok.
Enter the directory in which to place the new SRT [/export/srt] : /srt
V-125-39 caught exception: runtime error in srtPlat.cpp:PackageInfo::GenerateOsSelectionString()
[Error] V-125-105 Cannot install operating system onto this SRT.
Please see diagnostic log for additional information.
Unmounting media ... ok.
Removing SRT "srt" from server -- please stand by ...

Just as I give the directory it gives runtime error says can't install os onto this SRT.
Please help me I'm stuck here.


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Hi @Shehkh4 

Open a support ticket with Veritas. Exceptions in srtPlat.cpp:PackageInfo::GenerateOsSelectionString() should not happen during normal code execution 

The NBU OID for bmrsrt 125 so you can list debug log information from that process for the last 30 minutes using:

vxlogview -p 51216 -o 125 -t 00:30:00