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media server hardware requirement when using OST Appliance

Level 3
hi guys ,
I was looking for media server hardware requirement and guide line when it's configured to use OST appliance like DD or Storeonce but I couldn't find anything useful. so my question are :
when using ost storage , does media server still need 1gb ram per dedup storage?
does ost off loads deduplication process from media servers cpu?


OST is api developed by Veritas which other storage vendors can use after certification/validation & requirement for a media server should suffice with the minimum requirement that is recommended by veritas for that platform (OS/hardware) that you are using right now.

If the deduplication is in-line it will be processed by media server and if its post-processing it will be handed/shared over to the backup appliance that you are using.

Level 5

It depends also if you are doing media side deduplication. For example if you are using StoreOnce in "low bandwidth mode for your catstores, your media server is handling the dedupe. If using high bandwidth mode the StoreOnce will handle the dedupe. I cannot advise on DD as my knowledge is limited due to not much exposure. So if using low bandwidth woth StoreOnce I would have as much RAM as posible in the media server.