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NetBackup catalog backup error

Level 5

Hey everyone,

I am getting a NetBackup catalog error and I am hoping someone can you me understand why i keep getting this error.  

Error bpbrm(pid=4184) from client veritasarsenal: ERR - failure reading file: E:\Netbackup\NetBackup\db\error\errordb.lock (WIN32 33: The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file. )

I am running version and Windows server 2003 R2. Master server name: veritasarsenal.




Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
I am guessing you have moved the db part of your catalog? That being the case the default exclusions for NetBackup will not apply to this location You should be OK to just add E:\Netbackup\NetBackup\db\error\*.lock as an exclusion