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Netbackup 6.5 License count

Level 4

Can you please let me know how to count / audit the exact usage of licenses in my Netbackup 6.5 Windows 2k3/SP2 environment?
I have multiple OS, many licenses and cannot see how many licenses are being used.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Robert Abed

Level 6
e.g. from your list of clients in the GUI say.

You can see what parts of NetBackup you are licensed for via "Help>License Keys..." in the Admin Console, but you cannot see how many client licenses you have & whether you've exceeded your purchased limit.

See Eds very good reply to an earlier request for the same information on this post:

Level 3
useful info to know, Eds link is interesting.

I believe NBU 7 they have changed the licensing model; you have the option to purchase licence per TB i.e. how much data you are backing up.

Level 5

The Install Base Report shows what you've purchased, and what you're paying maintance on.  The draw back, is that it doesn't have the license keys listed, it has the purchase order information. 

Level 4

thank you for your inputs....long story short...I have to count.

Best regards,

Level 2

What exactly counts as a client? In the list of clients in "Summary of All Policies" on our NBU 6.5 servers, we have:

  1. Normal clients, that are backed up every night
  2. Clients which do not get backed up regularly, but we sometimes want to run one-off backups
  3. Alternative names for clients, that do not get backed up (e.g. when clients have multiple DNS names and IP addresses)
  4. Clients which do not exist any more, but we still have archived data for.
Which of these should be included when counting clients?

Level 6
any separate entity on which you have installed the client software:

1) Normal clients - YES
2) One-off clients - YES
3) Alternate names - MAYBE! (Is the "original" in 1 above? - so only 'counted' once)
4) Deleted clients - NO

But, I presume you are looking at this from a licensing point of view?

***if VM guests only need one license per OS per ESX host - or something like that!

Level 2
Yes, this was from a licensing perspective.

For 3) it was alternative names for systems that are regularly backed up. Some clients have a dedicated netbackup n/w interfaces, with a DNS name something like "client-bkp". If a client started off being backed up over the normal network (e.g. as "client") , and we switched it to backup over a dedicated interface (e.g. as "client-bkp") we tend to leave the old name in the list. This serves as a reminder that backups for this client can be found under two separate names.

But it's all a bit academic now, I've been told to remove anything that isn't backed up on a regular basis. Which means de-installing netbackup on about 100 hosts. Ah well.

Level 4

I know in the past I've met with my account manager and they have given me a simple script to run on the Master Servers. I sent him the outputs of this file and he sent me back a nice excel sheet with all of the servers and types of servers that were in the environment, although this has been almost a year ago and I have forgotten what the collection tool was called.  


So my suggestion, speak with your account manager.