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Netbackup 6.5.x: single policy, multiple schedules, multiple backup selections

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Is it possible, or will it be possible in future versions, to create a single policy with multiple schedules, where the different schedules call a specific backup selection?
Specifically SQL backups, with wich i am currently toying.
As far as i can tell there is no way to assign a specific backup selection (.bch) to a schedule.
If this is not ppossible, consider this a feature request :)


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Hi there, usually the schedulle runs a policy at pre determinated time.

U cand make 3 policels.


and put all servers w/ the particula type of backup U need.

Level 3

Thank you for your comment.
I was afraid i had to use several policies to achieve this.
I was hoping it would be possible within a single policy.
Hopefully this could be implemented in future a release.

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MaJo - Since you are calling a script - you can set your script logic to have multiple paths and choose what you want to do at run time -
so your bch script would do a date/time check and call the full / diff / incremental section of your script.

You should already have logic in place to check to see if another backup is already running on that server / database so you don't have problems because of that.

You can add logic to check if a full has been run before trying a diff/ incremental as well!

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I will try something like

Create a policy for achive/log
create all clients the bch template.

put et the policy all clients  each one  w/ the template.

I'll see how it works.

I hope it help

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a single policu should dificult the troubleshot .

example.. a single policy for 100 servers,

if just one server got an error..
that policy won't appear as status 0

I sugest U a policy  for each client (or  type of backup)

U can create one, copy to new, change the client and the template.

just my opinion..
I'm a little newbie here,

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You actually have a variable in the scripts that notes the policy - so you can make seperate policies and call them from one script.
So your one script can check and call policyA to send to robotA or call policyB to send data to robotB - you get to program that!

Level 3

Thanks a lot!
I had no idea about the script logic.
Could you point me toward documentation about this?

Sounds like this is exactly what i'm looking for.

I found keywords to be used in BCH files in the SQL admin guide (
I only have to find out how to properly incorporate them in my script

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You wouldn't have an example lying around for me to review?
I found the keywords POLICY and NBSCHED, wich i think should help me.
But i can't find any examples exactly how to use it.
Any help in this department would be greatly appreciated.

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I agree that what should distinguish one policy from another is precisely the backup selection.

As for the script, try the Administrator's Guide Volume 2, and search for "bpstart_notify" and "bpend_notify" documentation.
I think there is a template of those scripts in /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/goodies (C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\goodies\) (Windows) (Unix/Linux)

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Thank you, I'll look into it.
You're right about the backup selection setting the policy apart.

In my case specifically, I'm setting up a policy for a single server. The backup selection is mostly the same, apart from diff/full, schedule and retention. Therefore i'd like to contain it to a single policy.

your help is much appreciated.