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Netbackup Catalog DR file email notification

Level 3

Hi All,

Netbackup catalog completion email notification email along with DR file is being sent after upgrading our netbackup master server from 7.7.2 to 8.1.2 version.

While going through the technotes, it has been mentioned like we have to copy the nbmail.cmd script under the /usr/openv/netbackp/bin/goodies and edit few configurations to fix this issue.

But, my problem here is, i dont see the nbmail.cmd available in our master server. I have done complete search for this file. But, no luck.

Could someone help if it is possible to download this nbmail.cmd binary alone from veritas portal. Request some guidance on this.

Thanks & Regards,




Level 4


You have Linux/UNIX based master server, right? The postfix is supposed to be the part of OS installation.

Edit the following file 

"/etc/postfix/" and search for "relayhost:" directive. Change it to the SMTP server allowing your master to relay e-mails. Then just configure the catalog policy.

If I recall correctly, nbmail.cmd is not available in Linux



@bhdrkzltn is correct, nbmail.cmd is only applicable for Windows systems. For Unix/Linux, NetBackup simply uses the default sending mail utility (postfix is one such example). 

Unless things have changed, NetBackup simply calls the local utility "mail" which will then utilise something such as posdtfix to send the mail on to the destination.

Whst you need to do is to get mail working on the master server fisrt (at the OS level), then the NetBackup email notifications should just work. If you need help here - talk to your local system adminstrator.