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Netbackup Console donot have "Storage" drop down section

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We have our Net Backup Master Server 7.5 hosted on Windows 2008 R2, Media Server 7.5 hosted on another Windows 2008 and Redhat Linux 6.3, all integrated to IBM Tape Library.

We recently purchased EMC Data Domain 5200 and need to integrate our Netbackup Environment with it instead of Tape Library. I gone through the documentations and installed latest OST plugins as per the guidelines.

The documentation says that we need to further create Storage Units under "Storage" drop down section in Netbackup Administration Console. But unfortunetly this section is not available in my console as depicted in the attachment.

Please advise


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It's there.  Click the + sign next to Storage.

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There could be licensing issues or a certain part of the gui timing out when it tries to load that portion.


If you go into media and device managment, credentials, storage servers, are you able to right click and create a new one?

If you can do that, then from there you can create the disk pool and then storage unit.


@Will Restore, its the create storage server option thats missing.

Its not even grayed out, its just missing...



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Ah, got it!  Yes, probably missing license key for that. 

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try Increasing the Java Default Timeout from 60 to 120 seconds in Install_path\java\setconf.bat on the laptop or windows host where you installed nbu java gui