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Netbackup Enterprise Installation and Configuration

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I'm new to Netbackup Enterprise
I'm installing on Sparc Solaris 10.  I have installed the Netbackup Enterpise Application and need help figuring out what gets installed on my Media Manager Server.  The media manager server in  my environment is a StorageTek Virtual Tape Library

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If you cannot afford to go on a 5-day NetBackup training course or get a consultant to assist with installation, I suggest that you spend some time reading NBU manuals first.
You will need the Getting Started Guide, Installation Guide, Device Configuration Guide, NetBackup Admin Guide I and II as well as the Troubleshooting Guide.

All the manuals can be found here:

I do not suggest that you read all the manuals before getting started, but start with the manuals in the order that I listed them and read up till you understand the NetBackup architecture and what/how to install and configure. Keep all the manuals handy for reference if there's anything that you don't understand during configuration.

Good luck!!

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You want to know what gets installed on your Media Manager Server

but then you say

your media manager server is a library

to clear the confusion between us lets get our term defined.

it seems your Sparc is going to be your media MASTER ( it can also be a media server if needed)
a media server is another server that is also going to be doing backups USING a tape library
your tape library will be referred to as a library or a robot.

so you do not install anything on your robot.

for your media server (if you have a second one) you install the same software as your master ( just don't do the emm database)  your emm will be on your first server ONLY.

once that is done you also need to configure the tape drives that are in the library to show up on the OS of your media server(s) - then you can start to config NB library and tape drives.