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Netbackup processes no exiting

Level 4

HI Forum,

We upgraded from 7.5 to 7.7 and since then one media server constantly fails on VM policies, leaving the bpkar32.exe for each vm  running on the media server. These policies fail when left to their schedule but will run successfully if done manually. I have recreated one of the policies to see if that would resolve the issue but this exhibits the same issue. Also I noticed that there are multiple nbcs.exe processes left running which I beleive are related to the VM policy failing to run. Thanks in advance for the forums advice and guidance.


Level 4

It's likely Netbackup is waiting for a signal terminate and they aren't getting through.

How heavy is the CPU load/how many jobs are you running at a time?

What are your TCP stack settings on the server? See best practices tuning manual...

Are all the backup ports opened bi-directionally?