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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Re: VMware_thaw: Unable to unlock virtual machine

*** Moved to new post from: have the next problemin randomly times, after the backup end, the virtual machine have one problem with the snapshot. unable to d...

Cesar_Almada by Level 3
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VfMS error 53

*** Moved to new post from my enviroment i have the error in bpfis   VfMS error 53<4> bpfis: INF - do_thaw return value: 5322:12:25.729 [1196.1068] <32...

Cesar_Almada by Level 3
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Resolved! root file system full

Hi,Root file systems i need to clean up. Most of the files are located below /usr/openv/netback has 90%.I noticed below files are more than 2GB and shall i delete them ?/usr/openv/netbackup/db/images/

sagar666 by Level 5
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Status 10: allocation failed

**** moved to new post from backup issue here.I tried to my test backup policy using same STO and Backup selectionBackup completed12/15/2016 20:38:26 - Critical bpbrm (pid=6390) from ...

Error 1603 while installing NBU client

Hi all,I am trying to install NetBackup 7.7.3 Client software on several W2012R2 servers.During install I repeatedly receive 1603 errors about several languages types of MFC100*.DLL being held in use, close that application.Uninstallation of 'LiveUpd...

Resolved! Disk to disk to tape. Do I need advanced disks?

Hi all,I'm trying to convince my manager that the best thing we can do is keep the last full backup and the last differential in network storage (for immediate recovery) and duplicate all the backup images to tape for a longer retention, but I'm gett...

Resolved! bpplschedrep how to troubleshoot?

NBU have 4 sql transaction log backup policy that runs every 15 minutes. this morning, i disabled one due to a scheduled maintenance of the server. when i re-enabled the backup policy, i found that it doesn't run 15 minutes anymore. instead,...

manatee by Level 6
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Resolved! NBU Enterprise Server License V/s NBU Server License

question 1. if I have 1 NBU Enterprise Server License can I use it to install on 1 server(phy/vir) as Master Server and 1 SEPERATE server(phy/vir) to install  as Media Server?so on this case with 1 NBU Enterprise Server License I will  have 3 Tier in...

status: 58: can't connect to client

All,I have searched through the community but can't find an answer.  We are trying to restore from an RMAN to a server called SERVER01.  We have a sperate network for backups and we have checked the DNS resolution for SERVER01 from the Media servers ...

Exchange 2010 GRT Backups Failing GRT Recovery

Hi All,I have a strange issue regarding our MS Exchange backups when it comes to the Granular processing on a certain storage type.To start off we are running:NB Master:AIX 6.1 with Netbackup 7.7.2 NB Media :3 x AIX 6.1 with Netbackup 7.7.2 (Not used...

Leth by Level 3
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Backuping an Exchange enviroment.

Hi all,I have the following scenario, Netbackup 7.6.04 with a special network for backup, from this network the backups are made to the Exchnage servers. There are Exchange 2010 with two active servers where the databses move from one server to anoth...

bpexpdate says "no entity was found"

NBU'm trying to extend the tape expirary of a Nov 15-16 backup but i'm getting "no entity was found".this is the output from bpimmedia (to get the backup id):Backup-ID Policy Type RL Files C E T PC Hold Indexing E...

manatee by Level 6
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Netbackup BMR P2V with GPT disks

Hi,We have two Netbackup domains one at Source and other DR location and using AIR to replicate critical backups. As part of DR test, physical backups would be restored to virtual at DR location using P2V option, But we have problem restoring few cli...

dsk1 by Level 4
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sql intelligent backup skipping schedules

Hello,I recently had my database log overflowing. after a quick investigation I found out that the transaction log backup schedule was simply not preformed. the strange thing is that the full backup schedule (of the same intelligent policy) was prefo...

gkman by Level 5
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Netbackup Master Server for setting up share NBDB

I setup a New master cluster server with Netbackup 8.0.Master A is worked and successfully for everything and the nbdb is migrated to share drive.Then setup Master B but cannot use the same nbdb with Master A.Try the /usr/openv/db/bin/create_nbdb com...

rickywu by Level 3
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FYI - NetBackup v8.0 no longer supports underscore in host names.

...see: ...which ays: Starting in NetBackup 8.0, NetBackup is no longer able to function properly if the hostname contains an underscore character. There is no plan to address this limitation. P...

sdo by Moderator
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Backing up Network and security appliances

Hello,I recently received a request to look into options of using netbackup to backup network and security appliances and servers (such as cisco switches, palo alto firewalls, symantec endpoint protection, symantec messaging gateway, and etc)I have l...

gkman by Level 5
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Error 156 and 130 while backing up exchange dbs

Hi,We are getting below error (bpfis logs)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GetDiskFreeSpaceEx failed for NEW_STREAM0. Setting the snapshot size as default 2048 bytesG...