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Netbackup upgrade from to 10.1.1 - Linux RedHat

Level 4

We are in the planning stages of upgrading our Redhat Linux Master Server from Netbackup to 10.1.1.  If anyone has done this upgrade.  Did the upgrade go smooth?  Any gocha's? 


Level 4

Hello, we did update last week v8.3.0.2 to v10.0.0.1 because we need still use OpsCenter. Just remember this is the last version compatible with Netbackup after that just Netbackup IT Analytics or Alta View.

Always follow recommendations of Veritas open a ticket after running NBCC for them check if there is some inconsistency of catalog and do catalog backup.

Sometimes when you go to do upgrade will display some hotfix you have to install before upgrade so peace of cake just download it from Veritas site if not display everything is ok for do upgrade.

Well basically that we did and all worked after upgrade and runned catalog backup again.

Some doubt post again.