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Optimised dedup from one MSDP to another is failing with 191

Level 3

Hi All,

We have configured Optimised dedup from one MSDP to another is failing with 191.

Please find the Job Detailed Status :-

8/19/2016 3:17:49 AM - Critical bpdm(pid=8308) Storage Server Error: (Storage server: async_get_job_status: Replication started but failed to complete successfully: __forward_SO_new: Could not get SO from source: no such object. Look at the replication logs on the source storage server for more information. V-454-105
8/19/2016 3:17:49 AM - Error bpdm(pid=8308) wait failed: error 150
8/19/2016 3:17:49 AM - Error bpdm(pid=8308) <async> cancel failed: error 2060001: one or more invalid arguments
8/19/2016 3:17:49 AM - Error bpdm(pid=8308) copy cancel failed: error 174
8/19/2016 3:17:49 AM - Info; Report=PDDO Stats for ( scanned: 4 KB, CR sent: 0 KB, CR sent over FC: 0 KB, dedup: 100.0%, cache disabled
8/19/2016 3:17:49 AM - Error nbreplicate(pid=2372) ReplicationJob::Replicate: Replication failed for backup id CTSUSCHDVDLPB_1471426477: media write error (84)
8/19/2016 3:17:49 AMReplicate failed for backup id CTSUSCHDVDLPB_1471426477 with status 84
8/19/2016 3:17:49 AM - end operation
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Please assist me.




Level 3


Windows 2008 R2

First thing to check if it the source storage server, volume & disk pool is up.

If they are check that the network connection works for ports 10082 & 10102 inbound on the two MSDP machines

The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue