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Options for full system recovery on Windows

Level 3
I'm looking for options for full system recovery for Windows servers at the datacenter and DR. I've used the alternate windows install path before but it seems to take to long. I have a license for BMR but never used it. Any other options? Is it posable to build a windoesPE boot disk with NBU on it? Thanks, Hank

Level 5

Which Windows do you want to recover?
If its 2K3, then existing versions of BMR support it.
If its 2K8, then the support should be available very soon.

>>it posable to build a windoesPE boot disk with NBU on it?
BMR Too depends on WinPE. (WinPE 2.1 starting NBU 7.0.0)
But, BMR treats configuration and data as two distinct entities, thus provides lot of flexibility. (DDR & DSR)
BMR is not Image based, so you can have incremental backups done on regular basis and yet be able to recover the full system.
I'd suggest that you give it a try.
Feel free to post queries if you need any help.

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I looked at BMR back in the 5.X days in a Unix environment and it didn't seem that useful. I'm on NBU 7 in a windows environment now so I'll take your advice and try it again.

Thanks for the info,

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There were MAJOR improvements for BMR on Windows in 6.5....

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I have tested BMR for Windows 2k3 and it worked like a charm.. Though the process might not be very straight forward basically to get the right drivers for the destination server in the case of dissimilar restore...  But once you have all the drivers in place then you should be good to go..

Do note that there are certain issues reported for BMR when your server is having Broadcom ethernet adapters. Basically once the recovery is complete it might not allow you to upgrade or change the driver files... This would prevent the ethernet interface from coming up..