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Linux BMR error "SCSI module Load Order problem"

Level 5

Dear All,

i was doing Linux BMR Restore but stuck in some point.

NBU Master Server 6.5.4 Solaris 5.10 (SUN ultra 25)
NBU BMR Server 6.5.4 Linux (Red hat Linux 5) i386 (Lenovo machine)
NBU Linux Client 6.5.4 Linux(Rad hat Linux 5) i 386 (SUN X4100)

After sucessfull "Prepare to Restore" PIC bmrr01 and PIC bmrr02
Linux demands for SCSI module Load Order.
I have provided the Load Order correctly at starting can see in PIC bmrr03

i have got this SCSI module Load Order, after a failed BMR PIC bmr04

also i have uploaded a video, when i was performing a NBU BMR i make a video aswell.
kindly look in to that video, only 2 mint 32 sec. After it gets upload, i will snd a link for it aswell.

kinldy respond, why is linux bmr failing at SCSI module Load Order.


Level 5
No clue. I had this error, but using it as you did resolved my problem.

open a support case for this please.

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same as you.
waitting you resolve.