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Oracle RMAN restore is failing with error ORA-19507: failed to retrieve sequential file

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Hi , im alos facing same issue in my environ ment please share the exact action plan which was done from you fix this issue 


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Hi Vedamurthy_G,

It's always best to start your own post, with details of your environment, including NetBackup versions and operating systems.  The moderators may move your post to a new one.  This post was solved 5 years ago, and relates to a version of NetBackup that is no longer supported.

The fix in this post was very specific, and there was one step - not an action plan.  Marianne pointed Hadi in the right direction, and Hadi responded that the fix was:

Hadi_Reslan (03/27/2013 07:21am)
The problem is solved. Had the wrong ORACLE_SID parameter in the rman script files

Hope his helps,