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Restarting of Vm Primary server and appliance 5240 and it storage

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Hi All,

I have a VM master server and 2 appliance media server.

I would like to do a restart on the server and appliance to clear cache as I am currently facing issue with the server which is not showing some information.

May I have a guide or steps to restart both the primary and appliance media server?

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Do the primary first and then media... There is no obstacle to do it in this order. Or you can do the medias and then primary - up to you.


I am very new to veritas and I took over the system without much knowledge as the previous person left.

May I check is there any command to fully restart the servers?

For the windows primary server I can just do a restart, but what about the appliance 5240 media server with storage

I would advise you stop all the services on the Primary. <install dir>\veritas\netbackup\bin bpdown -f -v
Then <install dir>\veritas\netbackup\bin bpps to confirm what services are running.
Restarting it without stopping the services can mess up the NBDB. 

As for the appliance, assuming the UIs are all relatively the same as the 5150s. I personally stop the media server tenants first, then reboot the appliance from CLI. You'll need to lookup the admin guide on the 5240 to see how to do it. Here's the 3.1 url:

How do I see the list of services running on the appliances and what the services does