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SAN Media Server Setup

Level 4
hey gang,

I'm trying to get a Windows 2003 server to act as a SAN Media Server (backs up it's own data directly to tape (over SAN)).

I'm having problems.

The server is active for both Tape and Disk.  I have a storage unit for the server defined.  It uses SUN LibAttach 1.4.2 to connect to an ACSLS Server that controls a STK SL8500 tape library.

Errors range from 811 (could not send message to server) to 98 (problem requesting media).  It's pretty sporadic.

anway, does anyone know where to find definitive information on setting up SAN Media Servers (using SSO) for netbackup 6.0MP4?

(master and media servers are Solaris if that matters)

thank you,


Level 4
I've been trying to get this to work.

Netbackup Drive Monitor shows the correct information.. drives show as shared, target is <multiple>.

robtest confirms connectivity and access to the acsls server and robot is working normally.

when i try to initiate a backup job using the storage unit for this san media server, i get failed back up jobs that fail with error 811 (failed to communicate with resource requestor).  Symantec support says "Job manager (nbjm) attempts to notify a process (usually bptm) of the status of a resource it requested. That notification fails because of a communication problem."

i can telnet to ports 13724 (vnetd) and 15c56 (pbx) from san media server to master, and from master to san media server, so i don't think it's a communications problem..

anyone have anyother ideas?

i can't find a lot of information on configuring a system as a SAN Media Server.



Level 5
Partner Accredited Certified
A san media server is just a media server that can only backup itself.

The steps to configuring/adding a san media server is similar to those of adding a regular media server.

The difference is in the license key which enables the features.

Did you add the san media server to the bp.conf file of the master server?

Level 6
 i agree with Reagan.. 

San Media Server is just an another media server. 

first cross verify, whether you have added the media server to master server's  EMM database.

#/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbemmcmd -listhosts

check if your newly added media server lists out or else add it using nbemmcmd

if this is successfull, then remove the storage units, robots, drives in the media management that are belonging to new media server.
now try re probing them from master server administration console's storage device configuration wizard, this is to ensure to make the emm clear all the stale entries and get itself clear that it has a new media server and a dedicated tape library is available for this.

if you want me to be straight forward on this, i see this as configuration issue related to EMM, so try clearing all entries and reconfigure the same