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What these NETBACKUP errors can be ?

What these errors can be ?

6/27/2009 12:38:08 PM veritas-netbkup clusterPC Critical 76477 Media Device sts_read_image failed: error 2060017 system call failed

6/27/2009 12:38:08 PM veritas-netbkup clusterPC Critical 76477 Media Device image read failed: error 2060017: system call failed

6/27/2009 12:38:08 PM veritas-netbkup clusterPC Error 76477 Media Device cannot read image from disk, Invalid argument

For more detail what should i do ?

Thanks in Advance

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No idea, but

this  may happen when some files of catalog are lost or retain in incorrect state(by system down or so).
To check consistency of catalog, run NBCC.

When are these errors encountered

If this is happening during duplicates jobs running, this would be due to an error occurs during the relocation of DSSU images to the final storage unit, the operation must be retried manually. For example, if a Status 134 is encountered during the relocation of images to tape, the duplication job will fail with a Status 191. If a duplication fails with any error code, the parent "__DSSU_POLICY" relocation job always returns a Status 0 (successful) in NetBackup 5.x. Since the parent job receives a Status 0, and not a Status 134, the job is never retried. Duplications from a tape or disk storage unit also need to be retried manually if an error is encountered.

Take a look at the Netbackup technote.

Can you provide a bit more information as to when you see this error to be better able to tell whats causing it.

Error Codes

Some of the errors you posted are listed in this KB article. As Solareclipse said, could you give us some info as to when you're seeing these errors happen?

HI Matt. I came accross

HI Matt.

I came accross following errors in All log Entries during image verification and restore jobs ran

Can you clarify

Hi Zahid,

Can you please clarify when you say you come across the errors in All log entries, bprd bptm, bpbkar....?

think he's talking about the GUI

Netbackup Management
    All Log Entries

Matt's link to Document ID: 295563 sounds like the issue.