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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Client Interchange

I have a client runnin image level backup ( whole vm ) in flash backup-windows policy  and i have 3 policies likewise and as a part of an activity i just remove the vm client from exixting policy and then added it to another flashbackup policy in the...

Yuvi by Level 5
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Resolved! Error bptm(pid=2600) The tape device at index -1 has a maximum block size of 32768 bytes, a buffer size of 65536 cannot be used

Netbackup Server = OS = Windows 2003 R2 Tape Drive = Standalone policy = Flat file backup   Activity Monitor 10/9/2012 7:02:15 PM - Info nbjm(pid=1372) starting backup job (jobid=11274) for client tech-server1, policy IRISVSS, schedule IRISVS...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! Little queries

Hi ALL, Please can someone clear my doubts:(catch to the concept) If i delete my storagt unit from GUI right click and delete.So in that case my drives will also will be deleted from NBU?If my library is replaced.a new library is being attached.What ...

Resolved! sql

In batch script, What is the role of Browse client tab?

Arun_K by Level 6
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Added 2 new drives, NBU not using them

Hello, appologize for newb question... I installed 2 new lto4 drives in my spectra t120, got them zoned in on my switch, and they show up normally in NBU 7.5 however the drives just sit there and do not do anything while the other 4 drives run all ni...

pmc214 by Level 5
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Resolved! SQL 7.1

  NUMBER OF BUFFERS PER STRIPE TheNUMBEROFBUFFERSPERSTRIPE parameter affects buffer space availability. This parameter is set in the NetBackupMSSQL Client interface for each operation. NetBackup uses this parameter to decide how many buffers to alloc...

Resolved! bpsetconfig to delete an entry

Hello to everybody,   I need your help..  I would to delete an entry into bp.conf file on a lot of unix hosts. Is it possible using the "bpsetconfig" ? or with this command i can only add/update a "new" configuration ? In this last case how can i del...

Resolved! Maximum data streams

I am having doubts regarding "Maximum data streams" in Admin guide. Please help me to clarify whether my understanding is right or wrong (In italic format)   Specifies the maximum number of jobs that are allowed at one time for each selected client. ...

VMWare backup failed with RC 156

  All,   I have created a policy with 22 clients and 16 failed with below error and rest 6 successful at 1st attempt.  Please share your suggession!!!   Error log as below.   10/9/2012 6:16:50 AM - Info nbjm(pid=15412) starting backup job (jobid=142...

tarangdce by Level 4
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Resolved! Multi Streaming Data and Multiplexing to disk

  Hi, I am trying to figure out what value I should assign for parameter 'Maximum Concurrent Jobs' when configuring storage unit. How can I come up with a value for 'Maximum Concurrent Jobs' that will best optimise performing backups for my setup?   ...


Hi Experts,   Can i know how the CLIENT ENCRYPTION will be configured to my understanding  1) We need to enable the encryption option  in Policy  2) Enable encryption option in the Client Properties  3) Run the command C:\Programfiles\Veritas\NetBack...

Resolved! very long retention

Hello, The customer ask us to keep some monthly backups for an abnormal retention: 20 years!   We have to consider also: the compatibility for the future type of client that will have to restore these backups; the compatibility for the future type of...

cimo by Level 4
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Resolved! Customer assesment for NetBackup

I need to do customer assesments on current NBU customers and potensial new NBU customers. My idea is to ask the customer permission to run some NBU commands or NBU utilities and from that derive a summary of his curent backup enviromment. Using this...

Willie_SA by Level 6
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Resolved! path for disaster recovery when using the appliance as master server

Hi All , firstly :I was confused where to ask this question here or in appliance forum.if it should be there so may i will ask it again there!!! when we creating  catalog backup policy we adding the path of disaster recovery as example : d:\disaster ...

Rami_Nasser1 by Level 6
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Resolved! One of the media servers writing slow

Netbackup,Linux 5.5(All servers are on linux) one of the 4 media server is writing slow oracle DB backups to AdvancedDisk,All four have same configurations and settings.I have gone through some points in tunning guide and settings are same fo...

Unable to browse oracle templates on AIX LPAR

Environment: Netbackup 7.1 server on windows server 2008 R2 STD x64 (IBM Xseries) Netbackup client on AIX LPAR 6 (IBM Power7) Connection either ethernet and optical fiber Oracle v10g   Issue: After reinstalling netbackup server on the master server I...

jucagol by Level 2
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Resolved! Job Types in Netbackup

Kindly Let me know Other Job Types in Netbackup other than the Below mentioned,   Archive Backup Catalog Duplication Image Cleanup Restore Vaulting Tape Drive Cleaning

Resolved! NBU - a lot of restore jobs on activity monitor

Hi all, at the moment we see a lot of restore jobs on our master rohkgbckp01 server activity monitor.  As you can see here: Where does this jobs come from? It's a little bit strange because nobody of the admin guys run any restore jobs. Is it possibl...

Best Value for NET_BUFFER_SZ

Hi     I have tuned the NET_BUFFER_SZ on LINUX master server to 262144, Also tune NET_BUFFER_SZ on LINUX client ( SAP DB13 via LAN)  to 262144.    I expect the increase of backup speed , but the speed is the same before tuning. Can we increase the va...

pgm10s by Level 5
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