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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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SQL restore | Couldnt start rasman services

Hi Guru's,   Currently having issue with an sql restore and backup, Client server was just rebuild, Windows log ***************   Event Type: Error Event Source: Rasman Event Category: None Event ID: 20035 Date:  19/08/2012 Time:  11:30:36 a.m. User...

Resolved! time

For windows from the netbackup documentation ( NetBackup_AdminGuideI_WinServer): Retaining Job Information in the Database There may be times when it is desirable to keep jobs in the jobs database longer than three days. The default can be change...

Resolved! slot

When i run Inventory,Tapes from MAP moves into slot 1,2,3,4,5 respectively.   1.When backup runs,tape from slot 1 moves into tape drive.Now my question is:Can I move tape in slot 2 to slot 1 by command m s2 s1.And if i can ,then where will tape go wh...

Resolved! Data Retentions: Regular and SLP backups?

Is this correct? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My understanding is the data retention of a fullbackup is independent of differentials or cumulative backups that are dependent upon it.  I.E the full ba...

ubuntu 9.04 32-bit

Hello,   How can I install a client for Ubuntu 9.04 32-bit?  I see in the support matrix it says supported as of 6.5.2  Do I need to install 6.5 and then apply the MP? Or is there a way to install 6.5.2 directly?  FYI: The master is running on solari...

backups by Level 2
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IP instead of computer name

At the “Browse and select Virtual Machine” dialog box, some machines show the IP in the “VM Host Name” column instead of the computer name, which shows correctly on the “Display Name” column.  I was able to “fix” a couple of them. One of them was mis...

Resolved! Backup size limtation

  Hi Team,   I want to know whats the maximum size we can take the backup.My scenario is single file have more the 2TB size of file.Its possible to take backup using regular backup in veritas netbackup?   Client server is redhat server and file syste...

Resolved! having issue Restoring from VMware backup

Hi All, We have recently taken a VMware backup of 4 windows clients under a common policy. Now where one client is showing the both VMDK and folders view while selecting the "flash backup windows" as policy type and "Normal backup" as policy type.......

anishC5 by Level 5
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Resolved! SLP's vs vault management

Why there is vault management option in NetBackup when we already have an option of using tape libraries as seccondary storage in Storage life cycle policy. Please share your ideas and thoughts along with the benefits of each.  

DPO by Level 6
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Backup Images getting expired Prematurely

I am facing a very strange problem .Just to give you some background My Netbackup Master Server (cum Media Server) is at Version and runs on Red Hat Linux . We use Storage Life Cycle policies. Intially the Backup Images are written onto the D...

De-install the bare metal restore deamon on sles 11

  Hi Team,     1. How does one de-install the bare metal restore deamon on sles 11 ?   2. The initial; client install is from NetBackup_7.0_CLIENTS_GA.tar.gz - is there a parameter to add to the install command that doesn't install the bare metal res...

raj1 by Level 1
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Resolved! Scratch Tapes and Quick Erase in VTL

Hi, I have this question about VTL. Usually when we move scratch tapes between Robots, we ususally select the required scratches and perform 'quick erase' and then move it to another TLD. I have the below questions regarding this. 1. What is the exac...

raj08 by Level 4
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Resolved! Active Directory backup with GRT exits status 1

Hi All, We have configured AD with GRT in our environment but we are getting partical successfull with the below. Error: ERR - Unable to obtain image list. Confirm this client has access to images on server <####> for client <####> ERR - Refer to the...

backup emc filer via ndmp over fiber

I have a 5220 appliance running NB 7.5 and am backing up my EMC vnx filer via NDMP over our production network.  Due to the increasing amount of data on our filer, our ndmp backups are taking days to complete as well as eating up bandwidth.  I w...

Resolved! 191 errors on Duplcation Jobs

Run into this every day for some reason on a handful of duplications. Running NBU on the Master and Meida Servers. Backing up to Local Disk on Media Servers first then duplicating to Data Domain. Can anyone shed some light into what might be ...

Resolved! Exchange 2010 backup fails - status 2

NBU 7.1 All servers involved - 2008R2 Exchange 2010 SP2 RU3   I'm trying to backup my DAG, which consists of 3 nodes:  HQExch1, HQExch2, HQExch3.  The Virtual DAG name is DFGDAG1.  I've gone through the pre-req documents and to the best of my knowled...

JHeaton by Level 6
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