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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Unexpect EOF error when import tape images

When tried to import tape images, got "unexpected EOF" error at the end of phase II import. I think it's because the image expanded to different tapes, how can I find out which one is the next tape? Is there any command can find out what are the need...

BMR (DSR) gives BSoD

I'm on 7.1 /Solaris with BMR info for windows clients only. I get a clean BMR backup and go through the whole discover,map, prepare , and indeed restore cleanly to my new target server. You'd imagine it would then just be a matter of booting my resto...

NBU 7.1 GRT - SharePoint Clustered DB - IPv6

Hello all.   I have a case open with Symantec now and the backend engineer says my GRT backup problem stems from IPv6 being enabled.  Looking at all the servers in the farm and NBU, only the MS cluster has IPv6 enabled to talk to itself; MS says not ...

Resolved! Access Management

Hi all, Kindly guide me in configuring access management in our setup?

Resolved! cluster

  Make sure that the shared disk is not mounted on any node in the cluster. If applicable, unmount the NetBackup shared mount point. Stop the volume the mount point is on and deport the disk group for that volume on all nodes of the cluster.   What e...

Cross restore of SQL database doesn't work

Hello,   We are trying to restore whole SQL database from one server to another (cross restore) Backup master server is running on NetBackup , server where SQL is running and backup is made on run on 6.5.5, server where should be restored run...

ziro by Level 4
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Resolved! tpautoconf

  -bash-3.2$ sudo ./tpautoconf -r   TPAC60 IBM     3576-MTL        587G 000001320426_LLA -1 -1 -1 -1 /dev/sg55 - - TPAC60 IBM     3576-MTL        587G 000001320425_LLA -1 -1 -1 -1 /dev/sg53 - - TPAC60 IBM     3576-MTL        587G 000001320426_LLA -1 ...

Resolved! media id's and backup id's of a specific client are needed

Hi, I had to extend the expiry date of old backups. Backup happens to a disk. Can someone give me a full command (with syntax) to display the backup id's and media id's of a given client. I use disk storage. It seems bpmedialist won't show disk stora...

DPO by Level 6
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Netbackup: Losing half my tape drives on the master server

I have been battling this problem for the past couple of months. I have a master and 2 media servers running netbakup 7.5. For whatever reason the master server is losing half of its tape drives. Netbackup marks them down and if I go to device manage...

Resolved! SQL DB backup taking long time

Hi All, We have 5 DB Windows Cluster node in which the backup on the first DB server i.e., DB01 is taking long time to get backed Up. Can you people suggest how to proceed on this issue.   Thanks, Nayab 

Problems notes point in time recovery mit 8.5.2 FP4

I have a problem. A point in time recovery of a notes database mit NBU 7.1 does not work. The transaction logs are not found. It worked fine with 8.5.2 FP2. Any idea? Has anyone similar expirience? regards Bernd

bgotschy by Level 2
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Netbackup reports

Does netbackup have any sort of audit reports to send our external audit teams on what is being backed up, when and where the backup file is going to? Is there a sample report we could see? FYI I am new to netbackup. Many Thanks

pn153 by Level 4
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Resolved! How to increase ImageCleanup Job

Dear All, My exchange GRT backup fails due to space issue but as soon as image cleanup job runs i get the space.I have increased the image cleanup in schedule but it is maximum 3 times in 24 hours(8 hour interval). My backup fails at 12:10 AM image c...

Resolved! Symantec Netbackup MS sharepoint license ?

We are plannig to add MS sharepoint to our Symantec Enterprise Netbackup enviornment for following.       * two Web Front End Servers (on VM)      * one Application Server (on VM)      * SQL server (on physical server) I heard if all VMs located on s...

Resolved! CLI equivalent for NDMP credential update?

I'm trying to do the logical equivalent of "update this NDMP host's password on all media servers", but via CLI. It looks like "tpconfig -update -nh <host> ..." only applies to a specific media server.   Is there an equivalent?