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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Netbackup Vmware Backup

    Hallo.   I have an firewalled enviroment where I wanna do a vmware backup, my question is....which ports do i need to have open.   My setup is as fowllows:   1 netbackup master Linux  1 netbackup mediaserver Windows 2008 SP2 (thi...

AndersA by Level 4
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Resolved! How to use Netbakcup 7 for Backup OS windows and Database

- Currently the company I am using Backup Exec Recovery 2010 for backup and restore Windows Operating Systems 2008,2003 ... Now the boss wants to switch to Symantec Netbackup 7 should , ask people how to help bakcup and restore windows Operating Syst...

Resolved! Catalog backup devices disappear

Netbackup 6.5.6 Windows 2003 SP2 Netapp 8.0.2 operating in 7 mode Dell ML6020 2 drives are hooked to the R710 server and the other 4 drives are hooked to Netapp FAS3210 cluster head 2 units. Once a normal backup completes and the catalog backup start...

emd0039 by Level 3
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openssl use in NetBackup

Hello, I need some help understanding something. First of all lets list the environment info. Master Server: Solaris 10 with NetBackup 7.1 Clients: Solaris 9 & 10, RHEL 5.5 and Windows 2008 Netbckup client 7.1 We just upgraded from NetBackup 6.5 to ...

Resolved! adding AIX 6.1 as client in policy

Hello everyone, we are using Netbackup 6.0 on Solaris(i'm not sure which version,but i guess it;s 5.x) i want to add Aix 6.1 running on IBM P550 as a client in a policy. what parameters should i give in bpplclient command..???? and another thing, on ...

Windows admin console - connection to Master Server (UNIX)

Hi chaps   I have worked with backups in a previous role, and have been asked to help out in my current role. I am currently refreshing the brain cells on NBU so I apologise if I ask something blindingly daft.   Probably best for a vauge set up descr...

Paul_C1 by Level 3
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RDSM has encountered an STS error: ioctl failed (2060007)

Hi all, Just wanted to share this experience with you. I had to delete then recreate a MSDP on a windows 2008 mediaserver. First error appear during the deletion of the disk pool : "DSM has found that one or more volumes in the disk pool  has images ...

Jules1 by Level 3
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Resolved! DAG Error 13 (Exchange 2010)

in our exchange 2010 environment we load balance our databases on two different servers in the cluster.  meaning we have an A and B server for the Dag and some DB are mounted on A and some are mounted on B but replicated between both (i hope that mak...

Resolved! vStorage Backups seem slow to initiate snapshots...

I'm curious to know how long it generally takes people to backup of VMware guest with their vStorage-API backups?  My backup window has lately been running over in the morning so I started investigating more closely the time it takes a policy to gath...

elanmbx by Level 6
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Resolved! How to find Policy SCHEDULE Time using Command Line

Hi Everyone,      Can someone help me to find the policy schedule time using the command line. I need to check the schedule time for more than 100 policies.      Which command and options displays us the schedule time for a policy

Error 13 for Exchange Servers & Blackberry Enterprise Server

Good morning to all and some :) I'm having some issues in receiving an Error 13 for three of our Exchange servers and one Blackberry Enterprise Server when backing up ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES.  I'm using NetBackup 6.5.6. I was wondering if something was wron...

Resolved! Create HPUX SRT

Hi Everyone, I am getting errors installing the NBU client on the SRT for HP UX. Please find below the procedure followed: # ./bmrsrtadm Select one of the following options:     1.  Create a new Shared Resource Tree.     2.  Create a new CD im...

ShahbazW by Level 3
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Resolved! netbackup 7.1 and VCenter4

I am facing an issue with VMESXi backup and restore. Currently i have Esxi running in cluster managed by vcenter 4.0 and having netbackup 7.1 to take backup of my guest machines on esxi host. Backup and Restore both are successfull no error is showin...

Saqib_Alam by Level 5
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All VMware virtual machines has same backup size

I am using ESXi 4 and trying to take a backup with Netbackup 7.1. Problem is when i take a backup of any guest machine it is taking backup os same size and when i restore it missing some files and folders.   It is not giving any error during backup. ...

Resolved! Quick question on licencing

Hi, I am currently running NBU7.1.0.2 and am looking at the upgrade path to 7.5 and then further to 7.6 on its release, would these be standard upgrades from NBU7.x and run on the 7.1 licences that I already have or would these be new licences for th...

Resolved! Oracle.exe not backedup

Environment - master is a 2008 sp2 running Netbackup Enterprise Manager client server VMware virtual server 2008 sp2 64bit, with client c:\ drive backup using vmware vcb e,f,g san attached storage backup using windows RDM policy, so f...