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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Netbackup 6.5.x End-of-Life

Does anybody know when support will be ending for Netbackup 6.5.x?  If you have a link too that would be great. Thank you

Resolved! Windows 2003 Master work with 2 Windows 2008 Media Servers

Hi Everyone, I am just wondering if it is possible to run a Windows 2003 Enterprise master server with 2008 Enterprise Media servers? We are going to be adding 2 media servers and want to build them with 2008 server rather than 2003 but i'm not sure...

NetBackup 6.5 Master Server on AIX

Trying to install NetBackup 6.5 Master Server configuration on an AIX Box.  I went through directions and verified install per the manual, but when I try to connect through the Java Console the box comes up as a client only. Any suggestions apprecia...

Drive are in use in storage unit - report ?

Is there any report which let me know how much time policies spend in queue because "Drive are in use in storage unit" happens ? Something which let me help to decide if another streamer would help ...

przemol by Level 4
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Resolved! restore database to another host

Hi Expert We are facing a case relate to restore database in NBU 7.0 We backup from a host : Host A and restore to Host B Database servers are using MSSQL 2005. I've tried restore, but cannot select host B, on screen 's just view Host A How can i re...

pruvn by Level 5
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netbackup wait for scripts before backing up client

Is there a preferred method or anything out there for handling situations in which i need a set of scripts to run AND finish before netbackup begins doing it's backup? On a per client or per policy basis would be awesome.. Basically I have a server ...

Resolved! nbkmsutil not recognized

I am adding encryption to our NB 7.0 deployment by following the netbackup security and encryption guide. nbkmsutil -createkg -kgname ENCR_mygroup When adding key groups with this command, I get the following error 'nbkmsutil' is not recognized as...

Resolved! Bare Metal Restore Boot Servers

I'm new to backup and restore so bare with me. :) I'm using NetBackup 7.0 with BMR on a Windows machine and I'm having trouble understanding where the boot server should be installed and how much space does it needs. From my understanding, with NB...

gumbo by Level 4
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Resolved! VMware NetBackup 7 logging issue

We are testing backups using the vStorage API for NetBackup. The backups run great, but we are having an issue with logs filling up the drives. We are on vSphere and our Media and Master servers are on NBU7 (Windows 2003 x64) When we run jobs, the ...

jjudge8U by Not applicable
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Resolved! Image cleanup error

My image cleanup have this error: 19-ago-2010 17.12.11 - Info nbdelete (pid=13563) deleting expired images. Media Server: Media: @aaaab 19-ago-2010 17.12.13 - Error nbdelete (pid=13563) Cannot obtain resources for this job : e...

Resolved! easy one, mssql retention schedule

hello, that maight be quiet simple. I have a mssql online policy  and  some schedules anual       - retention 5 years mensal   - retentinon 1 year semana  - retencion 3 months diario      - retention 2 weeks so.. all of them R Autom...

5.0 MP7 NBU Master hangs after every 24 hours

We have a 5.0 MP7 Master. It has 25 Media Servers and around 500 Clients. OS is Solaris 9. RAM 6 GB. NBU is hosted on SAN Disk. Disk space is not an Issue. NBU shares the machine with LDAP. Server was fine 1 Month back. Suddenly it has started han...

Raja22835 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Netbackup licencing

dear all, i've read a interessant topic abour Netbackup licencing, i would have want to reply to ask my question but it was to old (more than 6 mounth). So i start a new topic about that to have more information and advice. I've Netbackup 6.5.6, an...

Changing Selection List - Help Required

I am backing up NetApp Snapvault data using NDMP backup. I have windows master server and doing a local NDMP backup. Currently I have to change the selection list every time prior running the backup to remove old and insert new path into selection l...

Deepak_W by Level 6
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Resolved! Device Configution Wizard detects drives in Unusable state

I am trying to configure drives in Netbackup 6.5.4 in SLES 11 and the drives drives are detected as unusable. I have applied the latest device mappings. but that didn't help. The drives are detected on the OS. However, I have noticed that the output ...

Denzo by Level 3
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Resolved! netbackup 7.0....slow server backup

i recently upgraded from NBU 6.5.1 to 7.0. on windows 2003 server. i noticed that ever since then my backups have been slow compared to what it used to be. can you pleae advise on the way to improve the backups. regards.

ayodeji by Level 6
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Status 12

I've read several discussions about this error but none have given me a solution. I'm running Informix 11.50 on Solaris 10 in a zone. The directory /usr/openv is installed in a writeable directory which is a link from /usr. The netbackup media and...

error code 130

master solaris 10 media solaris 10 client HP UX 11.00 here is the log: Aug 18, 2010 3:34:24 AM - Error bpbrm (pid=25465) from client /usr/lib/ Unresolved symbol: dlopen (code)  from bpbkar Aug 18, 2010 3:34:16 AM - estimated 0 k...

rookie11 by Moderator
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