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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Make reports.

We have to make reports more specifics, an I like to know how do i do that. My principal problem is we haven't VBR, we have only NOM 6.5.4 but I need more information. For example the report "Top 10 Policies Using most Server Space " is intersting bu...

Resolved! Performing a oracle off line backup (RMAN)

Hello, I´m trying to perform a Oracle offline backup using the wizard and options put the database down and up. When I run the template from client .. the application job runs status 0, fine. When I try to execute the policy manually, the automatic b...

Resolved! Netbackup - MSSQL to backup multiple instances .bch script?

I am trying to consolidate the amount of mssql policies and .bch scripts that i have. Out of curiosity, has anyone been able to put multiple instances into a single .bch file? I looked through the mssql guide but i cant seem to find much on editing t...

Resolved! Netbackup with Informix

After getting Netbackup to work on my 'local' (in same location) database. I switch the DB to the inactive node to test the backups on that server but it fails...... A filesystem backup work s fine. The script to execute onbar works and an entry app...

backup speed

Dear export   I am using netbackup 5.1 and recently we changed DLT drive to LTO drive While writing I am getting only 2mb speed ,please help me out to get more speed

need some help to decrypt licensing

dear all, i need some help to decrypt some incomprehensible (cabbalistic) NBU's  licence name.  :\ i've to make an inventory to take the right licences and i don't understand the half of NBU licence names. i'have the following type of licences ...

Resolved! NetBackup (erreur 96)

Bjr à tous, j'ai des problèmes pour créer une politique de sauvegarde valide sur des bandes LTO 3. En fait j'ai une TS3100 installée sur win 2003 serveur R2, 32bit et Veritas NetBackup comme logiciel de sauvegarde. les sauvegarde sur disques, (donc ...

bertin by Level 3
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Resolved! Adding third node to VCS Cluster - (Solaris 10, NBU 6.5.5)

Hi, I'm currently running a Master Server which is a VCS Cluster with two nodes. I need to add a third node to the cluster and am struggling to find any doco on it (apart from the high availability guide which explains configuring from scratch). D...

Resolved! RHEL 5 /Netbackup 7/Nic Bonding question and issue

Hi Everyone, We normally have windows media servers, but in order to support a large system with an infiniband connection, we bought some new media servers and loaded them with red hat linux. Each of these systems has 4 - 1gb connections as well. ...

Resolved! 7.0.1 Clients making calls on 1556 (PBX)

I've got a few machines, all recently upgraded to 7.0.1, that are making calls back to the Master Server on 1556, the PBX port.  The packets are being denied as my network admins have not allowed the ports, yet the bakcups are not failing.  I'm tryi...

Resolved! Getting VDS errors after updating to MP5 for version 6.5

Hello, After installing MP5 for NetBackup Enterprise Edition version 6.5 I started getting VDS errors on my Windows servers. I was wondering if anybody else has had this problem and what you did to fix it. My boss is a little hesitate about going to...

Resolved! Recovering Catalog / AIX Master

Howdy, I'm about to join a DR Rehearsal and i have a doubt, i know that when you're recovering windows clustered master servers you need to create the cluster exactly as it was when you backed up the Catalog. But we've migrated to a new AIX Master w...

*NIX exclude list bug #2

It seems yet another very bad bug has been discovered concerning the handling of exclude lists, see the advisory; "Exclude and include lists are being recognized by user and catalog backups. This may lead to unintended exclusions during backup" http:...

AAlmroth by Level 6
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Resolved! Backup job stoppes when it comes to corrupt file naming

Hello guys, My backup job stoppes once it gets to a corrupt file name like EA2����OHSO.EFL.  The NetBackup tracker on the client showes that the speed counts downwards and the job will not get completed.  I've checked and the windows snapshot option ...

Resolved! Start Schedule Name on Oracle Client

Hello ! On an SAP Automatic backup the name of the start schedule will be send to the client as the value "SAP_SNC_SCHED" in the environment of the user with them the NBU client is running. Is there a variable on a oracle client with the same funtio...

Resolved! Failed backups

Netbackup 7.0 Enterprise Windows 2003 server Failed backups basic question Please can someone help clear this up for me. If a differential incremental backup fails half way through the job, do all the archive bits that are unchecked during ...

AlGon by Level 6
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Resolved! Was it a Friday afternoon job?

Further to my earlier post about known issues with NetBackup 7, exclude_lists & UNIX There has just been another Technical Advisory regarding the same 'combination': Exclude and i...

Resolved! not supported 32 bit..

Dear All, I am not able to downlaod NB7 32 bit for solaris X86.. from fileconnect. I downlaod once "NetBackup_7.0_Solaris_x86_GA.tar.gz". "NetBackup 7 is only supported on solaris X86 OS running in 64 bit mode." please help.