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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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rolling backups

Is it possible with Netbackup 7 to have daily incremental backups rolled over into a weekly backup? i.e An incremental backup is carried out from Monday to Friday, then on Saturday a conversion takes place that combines all the changes into a single...

Pommie by Level 3
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Resolved! Converting a Backup into a VMware image

I'm looking for a solution that will perform de-dupes of severs and if required convert the image to run as a Virtual Machine for immediate recovery options. I read that Netbackup as a Barebones option that i believe will provide a similar function b...

Pommie by Level 3
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Images Are Not Expiring

Morning all, Im having a problem with a disk backup whereby the images are not expiring.  The retention period is 1 month.  The system has reached the high watermark and I expected it to just overwrite images that should have expired.  Im seeing ima...

mpjubb by Level 3
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Resolved! Location of NBU Java GUI hostname cache?

Hey all, When the jbpSA and jbbSA Java GUIs are launched, they preset a list of hosts to connect to in a drop down menu. This list is a history of servers that were previously attempted to connect to. Does anyone know where this list is saved?  ...

Slow Duplication jobs using SLP policies

Hey guys , I have Solaris 10 , NBU 6.5.6 .we have backups that run to disk then SLP policies to duplicate the data on to tape . Some of these jobs are running exteremly slow all of the sudden , no changes were made to the system . we have 2 tape dri...

r1 by Level 5
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Resolved! *NIX exclude lists in NB7

Just in case any of you guys running NB7 on *NIX & don't subscribe to Symantecs Technical Advisory nor keep an eye on the digest etc etc. The following advisory was recently released: When exclude lists using wildcards are used on NetBackup 7.0 cl...

Resolved! Cannot remove client in "Edit Client List"

Hi, I am using the Red Hat version of NBU 6.5. I want to restore a file on client "server1" but in the Client List it appears as "SERVER1" in upper case, presumably because one of my colleagues manually entered it this way at some point. The resul...

Enterprise Disk Licensing

We have NetBackup Standard Server and purchased the Enterprise Disk License.  However, it's not giving me the options for Disk Pools, etc.  Is an NBU Enterprise Server license required for Enterprise Disk?  I've been digging for an answer for this bu...

RSRust by Level 4
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Can windows drive letter change when upgrading to nbu7?

Our master is currently on a 32bit windows server with 6.5.4 installed.  Our plan is to upgrade to Windows 2008 64 bit and then reinstall 6.5.4  64bit on the same server.  Since we are running low on space on the C: drive where nbu is installed, we p...

harrisv by Level 4
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NetBackup 6.5 with HP D2D Appliance Questions

Hi, I'm a bit of a newbie with configuring NetBackup, and we're now using HP's disk-to-disk appliance (2502i) for daily incrementals and monthly full backups.  To do off-site backups, I have a monthly job that runs on the HP appliance to export the ...

seamas by Level 2
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Resolved! Restore oracle

Hello to everyone. Can I restore oracle database in other server?. If I have other server with the original requirements, can I restore the original instance in different server? Thanks.

Resolved! Unable to configure NB6.5.4 with vSphere 4.0.u2

Hi to all of You! After spending a lot of time trying to install and configure NB6.5.4 with vSphere 4.0u1 and now u2 (as VCB), I think taht's the time to ask You for help. What is all about? 4 VMWare ESX 4.0.u2 hosts with SAN storage 1 VMWare vCent...

Resolved! SQL Backup Failing in netbackup 6.5

Dear Team, Can you please provide me a solution for the below mentioned error We have started backup but getting error “none of the requested files were backed up(2)”.while backuping up SQL Database in Netbackup 6.5 If you have faced this issue pl...

araj by Level 3
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Netbackup licensing

Hi, How does Netbackup licensing work I get this from the server but I don’t know how to read it and what it for. ####-UX2P-CZIN-P3ZC-PXPR-####-6P4O-####-PP file version = 0x05000000 time added = 0x422593e7 03/02/05 12:22:31 hostname...

NolanE by Level 4
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Refreshing VM client list via command line on NBU 7

Hi, I have a policy configured for Hyper-V backups. Is it possible to update the client list via command line? I want to be able to run a cron job that does a browse of the VMs and updates the client list so that if a new VM is created on the Hyper...