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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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BCV backup

Hi Friend need your help to implement bcv backup through veritas netbackup. 1. what is BCV? 2. how to configure that? 3. why we mount and un-mount the mount points during bcv backup? 4. few days backu in bcv backup i see take more  time to un-mount ...

NetBackup 5.1mp4 - Robot Type

Windows 2003 sp2 Master Server - NetBackup 5.1mp4 software. I was adding a new Media Server with Dell PowerVault 124T Tape Library. The discovery of the new robot came up as Unconfigured. I chose TLH and Enable. That was the wrong choice, it should b...

Lynne by Level 2
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Cannot Chown File after Restore

I'm having a problem with  a restore here. the Error log ends with: 07:33:03 (121839.004) Cannot chown file      /vol01/DBFAT/FILES/LOCAL/FI08020101S.Z to uid 1026 gid 102: Not owner      07:33:03 (121839.004) INF - TAR EXITING WITH STATUS = 0     ...

Validating functional exclude lists

I trying to determine the best way for somebody on the client side to validate that his exclude list is working without having communication with the master server. On unix-based clients I have found a solution using the following touch file: /usr/...

Resolved! Run Script on the Master when Job Starts

NetBackup 6.5 ???                           -- runs on Master when a job starts. backup_exit_notify -- runs on Master when a job completes. bpstart_notify  -- runs on Client when a job starts. bpend_notify   -- runs on Client when a job completes. ...

Resolved! BMR for windows server all_Local_Drives Parmeter

Hello, I wan to discuss one scenario. BMR requries to take Full backup of the destination server, when I put (all_local_drives) parameter in the policy selection list. Would this paramter also backup the mapped volume from storage which appear as lo...

soofy by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup KB/Sec:

Using WIndows 2K3 E Server, HP MSL6k TLD, with NBU 6.5 and my backups are writting at the bit  at an average of  KB/Sec: 6851. The job is only 228G of data on a LTO4 1.6TB compressed drive?

Resolved! Trying to Backup our 1st 64-bit Windows server

We are running NetBackup 6.0MP5 on a Windows Server 2003 – Enterprise Edition – SP2. I have recently added our first 64-bit Windows server to my Veritas backup schedule. I have not yet gotten a good backup. We are running encryption which seemed to p...

zjamez by Level 3
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Resolved! Migrate LT0-1 Media to LTO-4

Hi I have a lot of aging LTO-1 media from a decommissioned Netbackup system that won't expire for a number of years.   I have been asked to migrate this media to LT0-4 media in a new Netbackup system. I have no problem importing the media, and I kn...

Johncu by Level 3
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DSSU down on non failover enterprise client

Hi, I have a non failover NBU enterprise client cluster installation on a 2 node file cluster. on both nodes there is a virtual file server configured. On both the virtual clusternames I have configured dssu's. Back-up and restore go well. But after...

Jansen3 by Level 2
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Netbackup6.5.2 with Microsoft Active Directory

Hi everyone I have now completed backup data on domain controller (Shadow Copy Components:\). But on the archive & restore GUI didn't display any user for restore. Any netbackup guru can suggest me, how to setup policy for backup Microsoft Active Di...

be_guy by Level 3
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Resolved! Best restore method (Help! :( )

Hi Guys, We recently got hit by a false positive on our anti virus software (not to mention any names) and it started to rename some of the Windows and .net system files on some of our servers. Lucky that the fix was just to rename the files back to...

Oracle Database Full Backup

If Im gonna run a Full Backup of Oracle (Bakcup Archive and Restore >> Backup File Tab >> check "oracle") does the full backup will backup also the "Users tree" because I saw the Users tree was not highlighted. But if you choose a certain user the Us...

Ingram by Level 4
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Q: Master and Media roles on same server?

  Hi, I'm new to NetBackup, having mostly used Amanda in the past, where it has only one server component. So, I have a Sun X4500 (Solaris10/x86) and I am wondering if I can install both the Master Server Role and Media Server Role on same server? ...

ells by Level 2
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Oracle on Windows

We have discovered we have a single wintel system with an Oracle instance on it.  The client version is 6.5.    It has been determined we need to back it up, so we want to upgrade the client to NBU client to be current with the rest of the en...