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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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DR site robot

Hi,We are building a DR plan. So we need a tape library at the DR site.  We are looking at 2 options. The Sun SL500 and SL48.  From the picture the SL48 looks like a L20.  The robotics on the L20 we had always jammed.  Could someone say that the SL48...


Does anyone have any experience using VCB and backing up RDM's?  I have been backing up a VMWare server with RDM's and the backup size yields varying results.  When I backup with Option 3 (Full VM and file) the VMDK appears to be optimized, but only ...

bumj1 by Level 5
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Bmr restore problem with san volumes

we have 6.5.2 as master server on windows. We are trying to restore solaris 9 client.Solaris 9 is san attached.We have installed sun san foundation software in srt .But when we initiate restore , it does not reconginze san disk and goes to DDR mappin...

Rahul_Mehta by Level 2
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Restore on 2005 SQL Cluster

Hello everyone and thanks for any help on this issue.  We are running NB 6.5.1 on linux and the client we are running on is Windows Server 2003 x64 with a SQL 2005 cluster and the 64 bit NB client.  Our problems appear to only be with restoring datab...

NBU 6.5 to Equalogic PS5xxx array

Anyone using NetBackup 6.5 and writing to an Equalogic PS5xxx array?  We're considering buying one and using part for primaary storage and part for backups.  How is the array performing?

CogDog by Level 2
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Error When Restore from FlashBackup-Windows

HelloI receive a message when I try to restore from my VMMachine using a FlashBackup-Windows policy. The error message is : WARNING: unable to optain list of files using specified search criteria. I see the backup date on the Netbackup History but wh...

HEMANPR by Level 6
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NOM 6.5 Questions re: VxSS and Agents

Does anyone know if NOM included in 6.5 has a requirement for VxSS?  Additionally, are any Agents to be installed on Master/Media servers to function in a NOM environment or does the NOM server simply take advantage of existing service infrastructure...

VMC by Not applicable
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BMR master server on Solaris, BMR boot server on Windows

Hi all,  I have read the BMR manual for NTB6.5 and see one limitation. The BMR Master server must be installed on Netbackup Master server. So, I have NTB Master server on Solaris 10 and I have more Solaris/Windows clients... I need BMR for Solaris an...

PetrHan by Level 4
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Resolved! Report History

This seems like an easy questions, but I'm having problems finding how to setup how much report History NetBackup keeps...Right now I guess my system is set for 3 days, and I need 30 days... thanks...Jeff

NB Uninstall

I need to un-install the client from all servers!  However, the client version vary from 3.4, 4.5, 5.1, etc.  THere are 2 silentuninstall.bat 1)REM Set this to 1 to remove all NetBackup configuration, 0 to leave it.SET REMOVESETTINGS=1SET PACKAGEFILE...

sta4402 by Not applicable
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Send DR Catalog file to Admin email

Dear all, Can anyone help me to configure Netbackup master server to send DR Catalog file. I am running Netbackup 6.5 on Windows server 2003 regards

Mas777 by Level 3
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Resolved! Mount Points - Not "Follow Mount Points" problem!

Hi Guys I have an issue backuping up a windows file server, also a media server, where it will backup some mount points but for others it only backs up the mount point stub and none of the data. This is a single policy with multiple streams. I have f...

MS SQL Licenses???

I have NB 6.5 and a number of clients.  All the backups work fine.  I used the SQL agent on one of these clients to create a file to backup all SQL databases on it.  The problem is that the backups keep failing (error 29).  I noticed that I do not ge...

old catinfo files

when you do the hot catalog backup it makes a file/opt/openv/netbackup/catinfo/Hot_Catalog_Backup_##########_Full it then mails it to you. is there a "proper" way via netbackup to cleanout old files in this dir or can I just setup a cron to remove fi...

Backups failing with Status 239 since upgrade to 6.5.2a

A month ago I upgraded our Netbackup server from 6.0MP5 to 6.5.2a.  We were told this was necessary to support new hardware (VTL), and addition of some new clients (MAC and Unix).  My Netbackup environment has been in place working flawlessly (more o...

ewadmin by Level 4
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Unbalanced CPU Utilization taxing server in 6.5

We did an "upgrade in place" (I know, I know...) of first the OS then after a month NBU from an older version as well as all of the agents.  A few more months later we start investigating and discover our 2 socket hyper-threaded processors show all 4...

CogDog by Level 2
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dowload NOM

Where can i download the NOM? i tried the licensing portal and i cant find it there. Thanks

EricEvoIX by Not applicable
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NOM support for 64 bit WIN2K3

I have been reading the Netbackup 6.0 Operations Manager Getting Started Guide Revision 1, and I have a couple of questions I hope someone can answer: On page 14, it states that there is no support the 64 bit for Windows Server 2003 SP1 as on OS that...