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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Policy & Pool Advice?

I am driving myself absolutely crazy here. I think I've made things overcomplicated in my own head, so I'm hoping someone can come along and provide me with some pointers, suggested reading, examples, or a good old fashioned smack upside the head so ...

oprd process?

Has anyone documentations, links oder idea about this process?/usr/openv/volmgr/bin/oprd -sockfd 5 -verboseThanks in advanceB.regardsjerome m.

verify backup

I need to verify the backup.some questions:1. What verify operation do ? does verify operation read all the data? 2. can I configure netbackup to verify automatically after backup finish ?3. Can I configure somehow netbackup that during back...

bpend_notify for disk staging

Did anybody been tried to use bpend_notify script for disk staging schedule or policy ?Thank you !!!RegardsSean

Sean_- by Level 5
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Shared STorage Option:SSO. SAN Backups.

Hello!We are currently setup using SSO to backup over the SAN. We are getting a ton of HBA tine-outs, which fortunately, aren’t hurting our backups but which I believe is related to how the devices are configured in the SAN. Can anyone help me with...

421200068 by Not applicable
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Master server limits?

Has anyone seen any docs that talk about limits of a NB Master with respect to number of clients, media servers, catalog size, etc.?Thanks.

M_F by Level 3
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Anyone have a nice script for tapes that are "Full"

We are looking to make room in our Library, and thought if we ejected the full tapes and put them on-sight it would work best for us.I can see full tapes in the Media List from the GUI, but I cant figure for the life of me how to get them from the co...

Resolved! Backup_exit_notify.cmd Script

Hello,Can someone help me how to setup a backup_exit_notify.cmd script? If possible please give an example how to use this script. I have one setup but it is not work. Thank you for helping

Thuan_Le by Level 3
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Restore must be resumed prior

Hi,i can`t restore a File. If I start a restore Job they still wait:21.03.2005 13:03:33 - 1 images required21.03.2005 13:03:33 - media Z00072 required21.03.2005 13:03:33 - media Z00045 requiredthan i cancel Job and receive a Warning:Restore must be r...

Vault shell commands

My employer has provided me with very little documentation or training for my Netbackup 4.5 environment. I've taught myself a lot of the command line tools by typing "bp" and "vm" at a bash shell and seeing what commands are out there and reading th...

NetBackup Console crashes frequently

More frequently than what's really in my comfort zone does NetBackup console exit unexpectedly.This is NetBackup 5.1 MP2 on Windows Server 2003.If I start a synthetic full backup of a NetWare server and click on the detailed status tab on the job in ...

Status: 25 "Cannot connect to socket"

I am trying to restore a sql database using the NBU sql agentand I get the following errorStatus:25 "Cannot connect to socket"Backups and restores work fine for the OS and backups work fine for SQL but for some reason the SQL restores are timing out....

client process aborted(50) duplicate

I have made a full backup with successfully of my storage server (200 Gb of data, policy type: MS-windows NT). Then I have tryed to duplicate this media (3 media); for this operation I have made a pool_duplicate where I have put 3 new media.The dupli...

Mark_M by Level 4
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Oracle RMAN wizard Problems

I am attempting to configure the NBU oracle agent butwhen I run the Oracle RMAN wizard it fails to listthe installed database instances. I have configuredthis on 13 servers in the past week and everything went fine until this one. All servers have th...