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NetBackup 8.3 product videos

Continuing with the product videos initiative that was started with NetBackup 8.2, the NetBackup documentation team has come up with 3 new videos for 8.3 security features:NetBackup CA Migration External KMS support in NetBackup Configuring SSO in Ne...

Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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NBDeployUtil and VMware

Hello all, Lookign for some advice. I heavily use NBDeployUtil in order to work with customers on licensing. I have noticed as time goes on there is more and information that needs to be verified manually. I have discussed some of these things with V...

Resolved! Netbackup Data backup with SAN FC with Data domain

Guysi am using Netbackup 7.7.3 (Master and Media Linux Rhel) with DD990 connected to Media server using it possible to Zone all clients HBA to Datadomain and run backups over the FC or shall i configure Media FT and SAN client for this ?I was ...

Support Linux XFS

Hi allwhen comes the support of vmdk linux xfs for single file restore?

Tom_Egger by Level 4
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Resolved! Installing a HP MSL G3 tape library on an IBM AIX6.1 server

Hi,Good day! I've been trying to install an HP MSL G3 tape library on an IBM AIX6.1 server.After successful zoning, and quick refresh of devices, I can already see the drives but not the robot even on the OS side. Is there any particular driver that ...

how to delete\remove media in the volumn pools?

Hi Team, I Have created 7 volumns pool. Monday to Friday.i have assiged Media tape BI0000 to Monday vol poolMedia tape BI0001 to Tuesday vol poolMedia tape BI0002 to Wednesday vol poolMedia tape BI0003 to Thursday vol pool i want to remove the media ...


Communication errors

HelloI got:Win2008R2 Master serverTape Library Quantum Scalar i500Oracle(RHEL) client machine3 defferent Windows 2008R2 client machine All 3 Windows client backups fails with error 98:28.07.2016 13:00:00 - Info nbjm(pid=5476) starting backup job (job...

EUB by Level 4
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Attempting to restore catalog using DR Wizard

I was given the task to restore all data back to the beginning of time for certain servers.  Overall the restore went pretty well.  Many of the archive tapes were not in the current catalog, so I imported them. - but I ran into an issue where startin...

Resolved! Backup server 2008

Hello, What is best way to backup Windows server 2008 if system have only one drive C?Drive C + System State   or    ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES   or Drive C with snapshot enabe?Whether these ways equivalent?

Uniken1 by Level 4
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Resolved! Postgress DB Online Backup

Would like to know Netbackup support for Postgres DB. Is there any third Party tool or PlugIn which suports Postgres Db backup with Netbackup.  Ankit 

Exchange Restore - SYMC_RESTORE_IN_PROGRESS file

We are trying to restore a Mailbox to a Recovery Database.It failed initially due to socket read/write errors which we think is caused by resource contention.On retrying later, it completed successfully. However, on the destination folder, the SYMC_R...

brigz by Level 1
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Catalog backup is failing with code status 42

07/26/2016 23:57:38 - Info nbjm (pid=4062) starting backup job (jobid=1398341) for client fclbk05, policy CATALOG-DISK, schedule Full07/26/2016 23:57:38 - Info nbjm (pid=4062) requesting STANDARD_RESOURCE resources from RB for backup job (jobid=13983...

Resolved! Using old tapes

I have the need to restore old information from my backup. However when my inventory tape library have return "media ID not unique in database (34)."I need to collect inventory information tape 000343, put my tape comprises as a new tape (0343L3) and...

Resolved! Moving a Master Server to a new machine involving a host name change

Hi Team,We are planning to migrate the Netbackup server from old hardware to new Hardware. But we are planning to change the new server name and also planning to upgrade the Netbackup version ( from 7.5.7 to 7.7.1). Please guide me what are all steps...

Baski by Level 5
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NB Change Priority EEB for Security EEB for

So, if you upgrade to, and install the security EEB, you can no longer change priority on the fly...If you install the EEB for this (eebinstaller.3879888.1.AMD64.exe) Be aware if your PC is locked down, you have to run this as administratorIt...

Genericus by Level 6
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Resolved! SQL backup failing with a status of (2)

Here is the detailed info from the failed backup... 7/27/2016 4:10:15 AM - Info nbjm(pid=7550) starting backup job (jobid=118787) for client EVServer, policy EVServer2, schedule INC7/27/2016 4:10:15 AM - Info nbjm(pid=7550) requesting MEDIA_SERVER_ON...