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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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How to get backup details based on job type

Hi, I have requirement of getting the end date with time of the duplication backups , i.e. the job type will be duplication. No reports in my knowledge is showing this data ( neither on Ops-Center). Can you please guide me?   Thanks.

Can't showing content in oracle

Hi All,   Please advice, i can't showing content oracle, but backup and restore successfull on the script RMAN.   oracle server (Sparc)  and master server (windows 2008)   if i restore on backup, archive, and restore i cant showing the content.

SORT pre-upgrade check from to

Hello I ran the SORT pre-upgrade check utility on one master server. It produced the following results   Preinstallation check result for OpsCenter Analytics                             ----------------------------------------------------...

Hyper-V Restore using existed Full and Incremental

We have one policy for Hyper-v backup in which we have two different schedules for Full, Incremental Backup's. and the backup is running fine from the last few months. But when I tried to restore yesterday it is showing only list of Full backups in...

Resolved! Status 96

**** Moved to new discussion from : *** everything is looks fine. but i still hits this error. 1: (96) unable to...

Resolved! Netbackup not able to see increased space in msdp

Hello All,   Our setup is as follows.. NBU version - master server - Windows 2008 64 bit Media server - Windows 2008 64 Bit We have MSDP in our environment which is on SAN from san disks from one storage array which are combined on OS l...

MSSQL Backup Schedule

Hi dear all. I create a MSSQL policy and script on client. when I select "Manage script file" and my script on SQL GUI, backup run and everythings is ok, (or create script and run immediately) but I cant run script on OS (win 2008 R2. Ent). How can...

Should we create automated process for setting up DR process?

The management asks us to use as much automated process as possibleto set up Storage LUNs/Volumes/Permissions for DR exercise and real DR. To automate the process, one option is to scripting as much as possible. The other option is to use a GUI driv...

nbmagic by Level 4
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Resolved! Error 174 when backing up netapp filer

I'm recieving this error when backup on a netapp filer in my enviroment.   media manager exiting because bpbrm is no longer active     6/24/2016 3:58:40 PM - end writing; write time: 00:30:03 media manager - system error occurred(174)

Resolved! 7.6.1 client Install on CentOS 6.6

Trying to find the correct client install for CentOS 6.6, I thought it was the RedHat 2.6 install but am not sure. I am questioning if i downloaded the correct clients.... are those clinet1 and client2 needing to be combined? Any help with this inst...

pmc214 by Level 5
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Permissions to run nvdeployutil

Hi, I am trying to run the nvdployutil from a linux Master Server and I get a message requesting to run the report as root. Is that a requirement? Or which specific permissions my user requires?   Thanks in advanced   Gabriel

NetBackup Plugin does not appear in the vsphere web client

Today, I attempted to set up the NetBackup Web Plugin with my customer for the first time. These were our steps as documented in the manual and in the NBU7.7.2 BluePrint Plug-in for Vmware Vsphere - Apr 2016   1. We downloaded the Plugin from My.Ve...

jmazzaro by Level 2
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NetBackup with Enterprise Vault 12

Hey,Has anyone tried the Enterprise Vault Feature of Netbackup with Enterprise Vault 12? Had any luck?I know it is marked as "Pending" in the EV Compatibility charts and not mentioned in the NetBackup Compatibilities, but wondering if anyone has got ...

ChayDouglas by Level 4
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Exchange 2013 GRT VMWare

I've been trying to set up our Exchange 2013 backups.  We just moved from Exchange 2007 where are backups were CCR and so far backing up DAG has been very frustrating.  Our environment is as follows: 2 vmware Client Access Servers 2 vmware Mailbox ...

System State vs Shadow Copy

I'm second guessing myself on this one, so I thought I'd post and get another opinion. For various reasons, I need to back up several Windows 2012 servers and not use the ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES directive. I've set them up to back up the C:\ drive, but can...

Netbackup 7.6 BasicDisk and Media Server HA on MS Cluster

Hi, I have installed two Netbackup Master Server on two node of MS Windows Cluster 2012 and I have installed two Stand-Alone Media server on to  phyzical server. I want to run High Availability in backup and restore between my media servers and sto...

mohamad86 by Not applicable
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2 MASTER Servers possibility

Hi all, Is there any chance to create two master servers with os Windows 2012 R2. Does NBU support 2 Masters with same configuration which will be acting as failover. Shall we have to buy individual licenses for both masters.