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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Exclude Q:\ drive from client doesn't work

Hello,I have a windows physical client to take backup and in policy backup selection is all_local_drives and allow multistreaming check box is cheked. When i trigger backup it failed for Q:\ with error code 90 (media manager received no dat for backu...

lovee by Level 5
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Resolved! Netbackup backs up 0 bytes until files are 96 hours old

Netbackup we discovered that Netbackup is not backing up specific files properly until they are 96 hours hold. These files have a .AMA extension, and are generic binary data.On the day the file is created, Netbackup backs it up with z...

MSDP Global Dedup ?

Good morning,After moving some clients (vmware) to another policy, my msdp size growed up by 8 TO....I don't understand what is "global dedup"...Does anyone can explain that? Best regards

Resolved! Probleme backup Media Server Windows 2008 R2 status 69

I have a strange problem and I hope that anyone can help me. Recently I do a migration from netbackup to The problem regards the bck of a Media server with nbu policy type "MS-windos" with backup of "all_local_drives" and so also shad...

restore logs

NBU NBU keep a log of alll restore jobs done? besides the one shown in the activity monitor.

manatee by Level 6
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112 Errors

Good dayPlease advise how can we fix 112 errors ? keep on getting once a week.112-no files specified in the file list 

Error 13 and 42 windows client 2003

Hello,Recently, we recovered the comunication with a windows client 6.5. We have problems with error 13 and 42 when backup is doing.The master server is Solaris 9 with Netbackup 6.5.Regards.

Arturo_Lopez by Level 5
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Resolved! Netbackup LAN free backup

Hi Techies,Currently we using netbackup 7.7 with windows 2012 r2 and our backup mode is Lan based.And all of our physical servers, Tape Library, Storage are having SAN Connectivity through brocade fabric with HBA.Now customer is asking for changing t...

Resolved! how to recover catalog?

in my other thread (, i'm trying to simulate a DR scenario where i manage to have a replacement server only and the tape libraries are not up or configured yet...

manatee by Level 6
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 HiHana DB backups completing successfully from netbackup end but reflecting as a failure on HANA studio frequently any how can we avoid this issue.

Hyper-V Linux Integration service

As we starting to get Linux VMs on Hyper-V, I have looked at the docemenation for Hyper-V Linux Integration Service or LIS for short. Installation if not already built into the kernel and activation seem straight forward.But have not be able to find ...

NetBackup VMware policy restore error ( 2820)

Hello:I have problems with restore job, the message is :NetBackup VMware policy restore error (_2820_)The Vmware is 5.5 and netbackup 7.7. If i try to recuperate a image executed yesterday, i dont have problems, but when i try to restore a older back...

Npalma by Level 4
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Resolved! Incomplete backup moving to done state

Hi Team One of the backup went into incomplete state and it remained in that state till its time,if it goes into done state is the backup successful ..?? Can it be used for restore..??As we have storage crunch we were helpless expect to remain backup...

Resolved! Duplication failing with does not match the fragment

Windows Master Media 2008 R2 SP1Duplication from LTO1(Using LTO3 Drive) Tape to LTO4(using LTO4 Drive) tape failling with below error message.I troubleshooted and found that it is failling it only on 2 drives. When I mad...

sksujeet by Level 6
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Performance for SAN Media Server.

Hello,Environment details :Master : RHEL 6.1 running NBU : 7612Media : NetBackup-HP-UX11.31 (SAN MEDIA Server) with 5 LTO6 drives.$ cat SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS262144$ cat NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS32Need your advise on performance issue. Curently backups ...

PatS729 by Level 5
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Configure SAN Server on SPARC T3-2

Hello,Can we configure a oracle SPARC (64 bit) T3-2 machine as a SAN server? The requirement is to write a 7TB database backup and it would be better if we can connect a tape library to the server itself and use it as netbackup destination. I have ch...

tbhatty by Level 2
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NBU 5230 questions - data to tape & ZFS filer backup

Hi Everyone,I have some newbie questions here, as I just inherited an NBU 5230 appliance and need some help.How do I write current data that's on the storage shelves to tape for archiving?For ZFS Oracle filer, is there an additional license needed or...

ple_skh by Level 1
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