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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Deduplicated w2012 + TIR = No dedup optimisation?

Hi guys, I ran a full backup to tape this last weekend, and I don't think it ras as it's supposed to... For this client I have 3 policies: 1. One for Shadow Copy Components:\User Data\Distributed File System Replication\DfsrReplicatedFolders\Impor...

Resolved! How to define the path values?

Hi, I am little confused about the path value given to a drive or library robot or any hardware in any technology. Can someone please explain? Any graphical doc as well? e.g.  Thanks.

Resolved! NBAC access control configuration

Hi, How to find out whether netbackup access control is already configured on master server.I am implementing a scripted procedure for NBAC access control configuration.I have to find out if access control is already configured.As of now,i am checki...

Resolved! Oracle backup channels throughput

Hi all,  I have an Oracle databse backup with Rman script and store on tape library, previously Rman starts 8 channels and maximum stream per drive sets to 4. every 4 channels use one tape drive and their KBps was 35k. for reduce backup time I set m...

Resolved! Restore is failing with misplaced tape error

Hi All,  Its sounds strange, I am trying to restore data from same media on which backup happened a month ago, Nothing has changed since but getting misplaced media error tried differeent date tapes on different drives but no luck. One thing happen...

Resolved! Oracle DB recovery

I would like to ask a question about our Oracle Database backups. We have 7.6 NB Ent. server running on windows 2008. We have solaris v10 with our Oracle DB runninng on that. The backups are completed using RMAN with daily, weekly schedules files sel...

Java Console won't Start

I had an issue after installing the Java Console for 7.7.1 on my windows 7 desktop. I would double click the icon a dos window would show up and then close almost immediately.  I searched around and didn't see anything that had the solution so I kept...

Client Backup Failures with Status 13

I am having a client that will run for a time doing a backup and then randomly fail with a status 13. It will then move on to the next attempt and run for a while and again fail with a 13. I have pulled this bit from the bpbkar on the client, but I ...

Resolved! Sizing Netbackup Appliance MSDP Catalog

Hi Guys, I've checked the guides (Netbackup Appliance 5230 Admin Guide & Netbackup Appliance Performance and Tuning guide) and couldn't find this: Anyone knows how to size the "MSDP Catalog" partition when setting up a Netbackup Appliance 5230? Pl...

rcdauria by Level 4
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Resolved! MSDP Catalog Protection

I have read through the documentation on how to setup the policy to protect your MSDP catalog data, but to me it seems excessive in a way. Why can you not just create a normal Standard policy type via the console and then only include the directories...

Resolved! Restore from incremental backup of Vmware policy

Hi  Master -- solaris 10, Media -- HPUX , Backup host -- WINDOWS2008, VMclient windows. Policy Type- Vmware (quiescing enables, All disks included) Is it possible to restore a vitual machine (restore-- restore from virtu...

NBU35 by Level 6
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Resolved! NBRB parameters tuning

During the NBU configuration review for one of my customer I found the following “NetBackup resource broker” (NBRB) tuning parameters recommendations.   (1) Action to Consider: Execute command : nbrbutil -changesettings RB_RESPECT_REQUEST_PRIORITY=...

Mohmec by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup Opscenter Download

Hi, My company has several NB licenses and I would like to download Netbackup Opscenter. The email that I have regarding our subscription  suggesst to post questions here.   so, how do  I download Netbackup Opscenter?   Thanks in advance  

Resolved! Console java do not show jobs actives on media server

Hey All, Anyone know if the console java only show up all information on Master? I have 1 master e 2 media and I only can see the jobs activity on Master. That is normal or I can do some configuration to change that?   Thanks.

rdimow by Level 2
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Resolved! Logging in BPBKAR by the client

Wa have a SAN server, being a client and a media server at same time. Backups are either the system file backups, initialted by the master server and client-initiated Oracle backup via RMAN. The log file directory bpbkar has been created and contain...

Resolved! Exchange DAG restore - cannot find the backup image

-Exchange 2013 DAG on Windows 2012 R2 -Netbackup (Just upgraded to -VMware backups to tape (no disk) -VSS provider installed, exchange admin guide followed   I'm having a really odd error when trying to do a restore of a databas...

a1expi by Level 3
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NetBackup 7.7.1 Java-console cannot do "Change server"

I upgraded 3 of our NetBackup domains to 7.7.1. The Java-based console in this version is quite improved but it is still missing important things or has serious bugs. One feature that does not work as the older Windows admin console used to is "File ...

X2 by Moderator
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Resolved! Can both OST and DDBoost be installed in one Linux Media Server

Hi There, We are trying to achieve moving data from Data Domain to Store Once device. If we use one dedicated media server to do this 'duplicate job' can it be achieved or we need two media servers one installed with ost and another installed with ...

AbuZaynab by Level 0
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