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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! NetBackup Client for Freebsd 10

We (CenturyLink/Qwest Communication) just purchase a NetBackup 5230 Appliance and we were told that we would be able to backup our FreeBSD systems.  NetBackup Client does work on FreeBSD 10 more specifically FreeBSD 10.1. Guadalupe

pillo by Level 2
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Resolved! Help: Lotus Notes PIT Restore not working

Master/Media Server: SLES 11 sp2 running NBU Client: SLES 11 sp2 running Domino 8.5.3, NBU client First question: why do the Transaction Logs (as you look at them on the BAR GUI) have a series of characters after the .TXN extension....

Resolved! A pending request has been generated for this resource request.

Dear All, I've facing a problem with the title above. I remove a tape media 1151L3 and add a new tape media 1160L3 on that slot. Then I perform inventory robot with options 'Empty media access port prior to update'. New tape 1160L3 attached to TL...

Tauhid by Level 4
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Resolved! VMQUERY command

Hi Experts, If i run vmquery -m media Id command there is an option status i.e 0x0. Could you pls let me know what is this and how many are there? status:                0x0

Resolved! RMAN duplication job failed - after nb master server upgrade

Hi All,   can someone help me to resolve rman duplication job fail issue   after master server upgraded from to  rman duplcation job failed with error # everything working fine ( backup , vault, etc ) only duplicate job by rman ...

Resolved! Netbackup Master server upgrade failed ( to

Hi All,   can someone help me to resolve netbackup master server upgrade fail with error    Database server [NB_cssnetbkp] not available. Exiting from create_nbdb, status[77]” while upgrade netbackup master server from to o/...

Resolved! Backup fails with error 23, when it runs from media server

Hi, I'm getting socket read error. Master is - Solaris Media is 6.5 - HP UX Client is 6.5 - HP UX All host entry is fine and checked more that twice. when i issue bpclntcmd -hn <hostname>,---------i'm getting error HOST NOT FOUND. Impo...

Resolved! Linux BMR to a specific date

Hello All, I need to roll back a server to a specific date and wanted to use BMR. Will BMR allow you to restore to a specific date and how?   Thank you in advance.  

Resolved! Need information about Swap drive Exclusion

Backup environment Details Master and Media servers are on SUSE Linux Netbackup Version - (Master and Media) VMs are getting backed up via V-ray i.e. no netbackup client installed on the VMs. Each VM have a separate Swap drive allocated. ...

Resolved! How to list media server deduplication pools

How do you determine if a disk storage pool is a deduplication pool? What command explicitely shows that a storage pool is a media server deduplication pool?   Thanks in advance!

fortec by Level 2
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Resolved! Netbackup client-side deduplication with BMR

In client side deduplication, where the finger print details are stored? if the entire server is crashed, what is the procedure to restore the client?     Can I take BMR backup of the remote client along with client side deduplication enabled? I...

Resolved! Backup cluster in a smartway

! Backing up a file cluster in a smart way ! Lets say that you have 3 clusters with 6nodes totally. The setup HostA1 HostA2 with ClusterA3 with three instance (not so sure about the terms here) HostAClusterDBorange I:\HostAClusterDBred J:\HostACl...

PoNuts by Level 3
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Resolved! Migrating Netbackup from one domain to another

We recently just acquired a company B with a Netbackup Master Server and 2 media appliance. We would need to moves their solution into our own Netbackup solution so we have domain Just wondering the steps involved in this and any advice?   Kind Re...

yobole by Level 6
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Resolved! i want Basic concept of Linux MSDP

**** Moved from :  **** i want Basic concept of Linux MSDP, can any one help me to get Doc .    

eabkchy by Level 2
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Resolved! change /etc/hosts entries without reinstalling NBU?

NBU, master/media and client; Oracle my DBA is trying to run an RMAN script to do backups. previously on this Solaris host, the ip address of the master/media server is in 10.xx.xx.xx range as well as the ip address of this Solaris ...

manatee by Level 6
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Resolved! Cannot restart NBU services

Hello All, I have installed NBU 7.5 on Windows 2008 machine and set it up as master server. As per requirement, i need to put the machine in the Active directory domain which i have done already. When i try to logon to the client service with acti...

Resolved! No Robotic Libraries Found

Hi! Our client experienced this error and I need help. According to them, they were using the tape library perfectly fine before. Unfortunately, the iscsi broke and they had to change it. They tried to configure a new server with same configuration...

nbuengr by Level 5
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Resolved! Netbackup 7.6 compatiblity

Hi Team   I need some help regarding with comnpatiblity of Netbackup 7.6. I am using esxi 5.5 and i install virtual machine of Server 2012 r2. after the instalation of Netbackup master server it did not open the console and gave the following erro...

Resolved! script execution\parameters

Hi, I have a script which has the below content, #!/bin/bash clear echo "Please enter date(MM/DD/YYYY): " read a bpimagelist -policy CBCV***_backup_rdbmco1-01 -d $a 00:00:00 -e $a 23:59:59 -U | egrep -v "KB|--------" | awk '{pr...

reachah by Level 4
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