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deleted items in the activity monitor, and logs information

Level 3
I deleted some items from the activiti monitor.
specific It was jobs that failed due to I/O error.
now I want to retrieve this information.

how can I know the specific time this error occured ?
(I have bptm only of the master and not for the media's).

Thank you in advance for your help . . .

Level 4
u may use bperror or use admin console select NetBackup Management > Reports > Problems > "select a range of date , which near ur problem date"

Hope this help

Level 6
Liew's suggestion is probably best. I do not recommend restoring parts of the jobs directory because you may end up corrupting the jobs database. You could also use the bperror command. It has a man page explaining its usage available in the commands manual. Sometimes its easier to parse the information into a spreadsheet instead of using the NetBackup GUI.