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how to move duplication jobs to added media server

Level 6

NBU 7.7.3

I have now added a second media server (with 45 slot tape library)  to the master server. the master server can see the two additional tape drives as well as the media loaded in the library.

my question is, how can i move the existing duplication jobs (those that are still in queue) to use this additional tape library of the second media server?





Level 4

Can you please confirm the below:?

Do you want to load balance the duplciation between 2 media servers or do you want to complete move the duplication jobs to run via newly configured media server (new library)??

Please confirm this so that I will let you know how to proceed here

If you want to complete move the duplication jobs to newly configure media server/tape library.

Then do the below steps:

Run - nbstl -L -all_versions --> To find the SLP versions. From this command gather your duplication job SLP versions.

then run the below command to update the residence to point the newly configured STU.

nbstl <SLP name> -modify_version -version <version number> -residence <backup operation STU name>,<Duplication operation newly configure STU name>

once the above command succeded, then cancel the queued duplication jobs and then wait for the SLP to trigger the duplication jobs again - Once it triggered again you can see that the duplication will point to newly configured STU.

i want to load balance the duplication jobs for existing ones on the queue and future jobs.

what "versions"? i did "nbstl -L -all_versions" to a text file and do not see a version number.

so the command is:

nbstl Daily_SLP -modify_version -version <version number> -residence TLD(0),TLD(1)

or am i supposed to use exactly the storage unit name?

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The reference to SLP versions was assuming that you have already created storage unit for the new media server and library, and perhaps a Storage Unit Group and that you have modified the existing SLP to use the new STU or STU-group. 

yes. now i have 4 tape drives (two from original media server, two from new media server) currently in used.

i have modified some SLP to use the new tape drives and they work fine.

now i need to move, if possible, the duplication jobs still in the queue of the original media server.


i don't see where to get this version number still.

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