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netbackup puredisk regeneration error

Level 2


I tried to delete the internal disk (puredisk) on the version 7.7.3 windows 2008 master server and get it back.

The deletion was completed, but when I tried to catch it again, the deduplication manager and engine did not start and I could not catch puredisk.

Does anyone have any knowledge on this?


Level 6

Hi @parksungjun 

Your question just brings up all sorts of question such as WTF. But really, you have provided little to no information on what your issue is nor the actual steps you took and errors you are getting - I accept it may be a language thing if english isn't your primary language. So 

  1. What were you trying to achieve?
  2. How did you go about "deleteing the disk"? Did you decommission from NetBackup first?
  3. How are you trying to "catch it again" What does this mean?
  4. Can you provide more detail on the steps you took?

I'm sure we can help but need more detailed information on the matter. 


D:\ partition was deleted by user's mistake. So I deleted puredisk in the order shown in the link below and it was successful.

The disk was deleted while using NetBackup.

I proceeded to add the disk pool in the Java console.

After the D partition was deleted, information about puredisk could not be retrieved from the Java console, so the backup image was expired with the command, and then deleted according to the link above. After that, I tried to create a pure disk by creating a D partition again, but an error occurred that the deduplication manager and engine daemon did not come up and spoold process did not start.

Thank you very much for your reply. We look forward to your help.

Hi @parksungjun 

Looks like like you followed the correct procedure after that "accident". I feel your pain.

If you completed the process and removed all references to the previous MSDP config then you should be able to build the MSDP again. I hope somewhere in the process you retarted NetBackup services on the media server. 

At what point of creating an MSDP is the process failing? Can you re-create the storage server? Can you share the error messages?

Did you remove the configuration file for the media server (you may need to remove from both the media server and other fingerprint load balancing media/master servers as well).