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Netbackup Capacity Reporting from 5220 Master Server

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Hi Guys,

Looking for some help with generating capacity license reports from a Netbackup Appliance master server using opscenter. My appliance is running 2.5 of the appliance software which is of netbackup and the opscenter is currently have set this up with Windows master servers and I know this needs the opscenter agent. I have looked around and it looks like there is no agent for Linux master servers so any help with this would be appreciated.


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   Agent does not need to be installed on master Server . You can install the agent even on a remote windows box and it can poll the data from a Unix master server .

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Symboy is correct... you can install the agent on a remote host for data collection of the master.

However, please keep in mind, the agent requires to be at the same version of the OpsCenter host.

The agent is only available for Windows x86, x64 or Solaris (Sparc)

If you only intend to run the capacity report occasionally, may I suggest the nbdeployutil command


nbdeployutil -

This Technote will explain how to run the command manually, and produce the exact same report as OpsCenter would have, without the need for installing any agent.

Please note: The report is a two step process...


# nbdeployutil --gather


# nbdeployutil --report ........

Please review the examples provided in the technote..

If you have any questions, please let me know.