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Netbackup Opscenter Database backup

Opscenter version:

Opscenter server: Win Enter 2k8R2


In my opscenter environment, I am presently backing up the Opscenter database to a local repository name "E:/DBbackup". This was done by scheduling dbbackup in windows scheduler. Netbackup then backup up the databases to datadomain. As the databases grow, my E:\ is also growing rapidly.


I need help with a script that will be use to delete this databases files in E:\DBbackup after the 2 stages backup above has completed. I would like to schedule this script in windows scheduler as well.

Thank you

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You will have to script to

You will have to script to delete the backup files by following some names specifying the names and you have to script it to delete it. You will have to script it. 

Check if you find more info from the db backup link -