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OpsCenter - What server resources do I need?

I'm looking to build a dedicated windows server for OpsCenter but can't find any documentation about what kind of resources I should have.  My environment consists of 5 master servers, 25 media servers and about 500 clients.  Anyone have experience with this or suggestions on what I should build initially.  I'm sure I'll have to add resources as time goes on, but for now I'd just like a place to start. 

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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I found information about everything but disk space.  For my environment I need 2 CPUs, and 8 GB of RAM.  Anyone have an idea of disk space?

Diskspace depends very much

Diskspace depends very much on the amount of jobs and the retention of the data in OpsCenter Database.

Also I would recommend at least a quad core machine AND 16GB RAM. more ram is better and more CPU Power is also better for getting reports.

For Disk space .. start with 50 GB for the database. Then see where you will get to.