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OpsCenter is not connecting with the Master Servers

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Hey guys I had OpsCenter setup with two Master Servers. All was working fine until suddenly two days ago OpsCenter stopped showing the reports and started showing that it is not connected to the master servers. The network connection is up. Any suggestions are welcome. P.S. If anyone have a guide to get the most out of OpsCenter that'd be great.

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Not sure if this would help or not, but I sometimes get intermitent connectivity, so I go to:

Settings, Configuration, select my master servers that are not connecting and do a "disable data collection"

Then after a pause "enable data collection"

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Check if the master server is busy and if the CPU load is high on it.

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Had something similar the other day. All the NBU master servers that were 7.0.1 that I monitored were showing disconnected. I couldn't find any reason in OpsCenter so I started looking at the NBU Master servers. The NBSL daemon had crashed. This also caused problems with the NBU gui. I had restarted OpsCenter hoping to clear things up but then found the NBSL stopped. Restarting the NBSL daemon fixed the gui problems and the connection problems.

Still don't know why OpsCenter caused the NBSL on these servers to stop.

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A NetBackup 7.0 master server does not require any Agent or data collector for
data collection. The data is collected automatically by the OpsCenter server from
an NBU 7.0 master server using NetBackup Service Layer (NBSL). However, an
Agent must be installed to collect specific data (image, error log, and scheduled
jobs data) from a master server whose version is less than 7.0.
Starting with the 6.0 release of NetBackup, NBSL components are included as a
part of NetBackup on master and media servers


NBSL is required and used by OpsCenter for all NetBackup monitoring, managing,
and control functions. There is an impact if NBSL stops running on a managed
NetBackup server.
If NBSL stops, OpsCenter may not capture any changes that were made to the
NetBackup configuration. When NBSL restarts, OpsCenter correctly recaptures
the latest state.

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If i have a Linux Red Hat Master Server 7.1 and OpsCenter Analytics installed on WIndows can i enable in the advanced data collection settings the licensing capacity deployment without an agent.

It looks like i can select master server version number, but i don't understand if i need to specify an agent (windows or solaris agent available) or this action is not needed and this feature is automatically turned on with 7.1?

maybe I need only to disable / renable data collection to properly work?

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Hi Alessio,

I am in the exact same situation as you - we run the master server on Linux and OpsCenter on windows. All the documentation indicates that a 7.1 master server should not require an agent, yet with none selected the capacity license report fails to generate and the deployment analysis complais that no agent is configured.

Did you ever figure out this issue?

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When do you need an Agent?

You require an Agent based on the product that you want to collect data from.

You do not need an OpsCenter Agent to collect data from PureDisk.

The requirement for an OpsCenter Agent

differs for each NetBackup version. Review

the following points for specific NetBackup



Install an Agent if you want to collect

data for breakup jobs and capacity



Install an Agent if you want to collect

data for capacity license.

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If you do not want to install the agent you should be able to use the nbdeployutil to gather capacity or traditional based licensing.