OpsCenter web GUI time-out

Hello all.


Here's just a quick question; where do I configure my web GUI in OpsCenter, so it doesn't auto logoff when no "mouse clicks" has been detected?

I thought it was done in <DEFAULT_INSTALL_PATH>\OpsCenter\gui\config\web.xml under


... but after a change to a value of 300 and a restart of OpsCenter, it still log accounts out after short time.

Anyone have a suggestion?



Kaspar Brygger

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Kaspar, That is the correct



That is the correct method as per http://www.symantec.com/docs/HOWTO59809

If it is not working and is still timing out after 30 minutes inactivity, try checking the xml file to ensure no typos.



There are 2 similar files

There are 2 similar files which are causing the confusion: 

<Install Path>\OpsCenter\gui\config\web.xml <== changing timeout here seems to do nothing (this is the one you mentioned in your post)


<Install Path>\OpsCenter\gui\webserver\conf\web.xml  <== This is the one mentioned in the article that you have to change.


I have changed the later file on my OpsCenter and can confirm it extends the session timeout.  


Hello together, i tried to

Hello together,


i tried to set the parameter to some weeks. No chance. What is the maximum for the timeout value? Ist it possible to disable the session timeout? I want to use the web site on a monitor wall to display backup success rate.